Remove Mobile and Browser Wireframes from the Frames Menu

  • 27 August 2020
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Frames are a great way to organize data on your Miro board.  I also like to use Miro mobile and browser wireframes containers for doing wireframe diagrams.  Typically I will group together the wireframe flows into a larger Frame.  Unfortunately all of the individual “Mobile” and “Browser” frames show up as individual frames in the Frames panel.  It would be nice if these were decoupled.  Maybe there is a way to do that today or another way to go about it, but I don’t think the Mobile/Browser wireframe (frame) is the same as a “Frame” to group content.

1 reply

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I agreed - they are not equal concepts - Being able to create frame hierarchies is - imho - an element of the solution but I agree your ‘extension’ to the idea to decouple an on board element from an in frame list link.