Remember me on the login screen

  • 25 September 2020
  • 4 replies

It should be possible for the desktop app (and probably the browser) to remember the email I use to login and whether I use SSO.


At the moment I have to click multiple times and sometimes enter my email address in over and over. 

4 replies

This is really annoying. I’m currently using the Miro desktop app multiple times a day, but every time I have to re-login and enter my email address because of the session timeout.


I’m not aware of any desktop app with this kind of weird behavior. Please make the session much longer or at least keep my email address in the input field.

Using the Miro app on desktop.  It makes it near unusable.  Currently my login takes about 7 clicks, and i have to enter my email twice every time.

Please make the desktop remember multiple accounts and passwords. I am a consultant using multiple accounts with different clients and I need to switch accounts often. Web app works fine because i can use the browser or a password tool to remember my login details. Really need this on the desktop app! Thx

Can we please get some attention here?