Rearrange order of tabs in the Miro Desktop app

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I use the Mac desktop app a lot, and it has no way that I can discern to either reorder tabs or navigate among them with the keyboard. It would be really helpful if it could just use the standard system UI affordances for managing tabs.

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Same here, would really appreciate being able to re-order the open tabs in the desktop app.


It’s all about organization, for example the order of the tabs could be used to capture a progression from less detail to more detail. Being able to re-order the tabs would allow users to leverage tab order as an additional organization dimension.

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MIRO is a core part of my teams workflow and will reference dozens of boards throughout a single day - and new boards are created regularly.

It becomes unweildy and It takes me way longer to access boards than it could and people have taken to just sharing links all the time (which causes it’s own issues) since the orginization fragments quickly..

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Currently, there is no way to reorder or rearrange tabs for open boards. In order to do so, you have to close all the boards and reopen them in the order you want them. We have people working on multiple projects (each project with multiple boards) so this is not a realistic solution.

I momentarily wanted to throw Miro out the window today when I couldn’t hit Cmd + 1 to immediately navigate to my most-used pinned browser tab because it’s zoom to fit or something. I thought it was common functionality in modern browsers. I’m surprised that keyboard shortcut is being overridden, as I would expect the same people who would want keyboard shortcuts in Miro would already be using many of these in their browser.


Oftentimes, I have multiple Miro boards open in my Mac app. Sometimes, I would like to change the order of the tabs that include those boards. Right now, they’re by default ordered by recency (left side: what I opened first, right side: what I opened most recently). It would be great if you’d allow users to re-order the tabs by dragging them (just like tabs in browsers).

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This would be a very helpful feature for the Miro Desktop/Mac apps 

Voting particularly for bullet pt 2 in the original request.

It would be incredibly be useful to be able to:

  • reorder tabs in the app
  • colour code tabs
  • hover over a tab name to see the full title of the board

I can have up to 20 tabs open at any point for quick access to boards, and it’s really difficult to find the board that I need, especially as the titles are all cut short.

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Putting in another upvote - was about to post the same idea. I love the desktop app and re-organizing the tabs would be super helpful.

Thanks kindly :)

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Just noticed this seems to work - didn’t see an update on this, but thanks!

YAY we can now move tabs around on the desktop app!! Can we also group and color code those groups, please??!!!