Paste board links into Miro desktop app

  • 23 June 2020
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We’re all using the app because we can leave multiple boards open in tabs.  Link sharing will only work in browser, so it’s incompatible with the app workflow.  Other apps like Slack are able to open their own apps through a link, and that functionality is definitely needed in Miro.

Miro seems designed to minimize the amount of boards, and instead organize lots of info on a single board using frames.  This naturally makes boards slow to load, so having to re-load the board every time someone links to something is a brutal workflow (on top of the fact that you can’t use the app in this workflow at all).

As a workaround, if we could copy a link and paste it into the app, and the app would switch to the correct board and jump to the linked object, that would do the trick.  The key is that it shouldn’t need to reload a board that you already have loaded in a tab.  Thanks.

4 replies

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Using this feature/approach works for me within the App (Desktop or Surface Hub) and it does not reload the page if the board has been already opened. Tested on Windows.

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Yes, internal linking works great!  The issue is when trying to share something with our team on Slack, using a link to a board / frame / object.  It will always open in a new browser tab, rather than the app, and reload the whole board. 

Is that not the case for you Leo?

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Oh no, that's a different matter. For that the Miro team need to support Deep Links, which is a new request I opened today:
Sorry I misunderstood you.

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Okay, thanks.  I was hoping maybe you knew something I didn’t. :sweat_smile: