No Chrome Dark Mode support

  • 8 June 2021
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Hi there,


Good job with Miro overall. I use it frequently since RealTime Boards.


I just want to get your attention on fact, that Miro is one of very few websites out there, which is not handling Chrome Dark Mode.


Perhaps this Dark Mode is still in experimental phase, but it doesn’t matter.

I switch to Dark Mode for both, Win10 and Chrome at the particular time and 95% of content is displayed well.

However Miro fails terribly. I can’t use it. To switch back, restart of browser is required, which is not always an option when using single computer.




2 replies

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@Digital Shamans - There is a Wish List Idea post for Dark Mode that I would suggest you add your comments/vote to. If Miro is to support dark mode, they will likely consider all clients and not just Chrome.

Dark Mode / Night Mode

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Will be more than happy to puchase a paid plan for my whole team if dark mode was available.
I’ve uninstalled the app and trialling the miro web app using with chrome. This is not my preferred solution.