Markdown integration

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Hey people !

This is more like requests what i’m posting here, but i don’t want to contact directly by mail for these requests.

First :

I’m a student programming and i use a lot of mindmap in my projects organization. I think it could be usefull for programmers like me to include small part of code with a colored synthax like this :

int main(int argc, char **argv)
printf("hello world !");

Second :

I love dark modes and i think they are more and more important for users theses days. I don’t found it so i think there isn’t this feature. I know it’s a ton of work in UI perspective but it’s a really worth of users comfort.



Thank you for reading me and share your opinion about my requests in comment section,

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Repeating my comment elsewhere...This is an absolute must!  Not having it means I will need to use something else (such as confluence) instead of miro.


There is a related thread here:

Hopefully the votes get added up!

Markdown support to generate some diagrams in mermaid syntax

+1 for Markdown here


The additional expressiveness will really help embed this tool into our workflows, and help us take the ideas we develop in miro further and onto other platforms that bring those ideas to life such as GitHub

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I don’t work at Miro but I’ve built an integration that supports a good chunk of the Markdown syntax and converts it: Hope it will be helpful for some of you :).

Thanks, Naomi! But the link does not work anymore… Did you take it down?

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I don’t work at Miro but I’ve built an integration that supports a good chunk of the Markdown syntax and converts it: Hope it will be helpful for some of you :).

Would vote +100 if I could :) 


Especially simple sticky notes would benefit SO much from properformatting



MIRO!? HALLO?! HIGHLITE CODE PLS! 2021 today! R u ok?

Markdown feature pleaseeeee!

Don’t care so much about dark mode at the moment - that’s more a nice to have. 

A MUST have is code blocks or markdown support! Please add this soon!

I agree with that

Voting for markdown inside notes! It would be a killer feature 

Please make MD a thing!

Can I haz markdown plz

Markdown vote

Markdown, yes please.

Yes please I want to use Markdown on Miro

Markdown would be a game-changer for me, as I frequently see opportunities to include code snippets when crafting boards explaining technical concepts!

+1 for markdown. Hey Miro, if you want to attract and retain the developer community, you should probably gauge the usefulness of this feature soon. Its absence is the #1 reason only use Miro when I absolutely need to. You’d get a 4x usage lift from this sample, yours truly. 

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+1 MD is definitely necessary! Hopefully, I will be able to see it in the next major iteration! Thanks, Miro team.

+1 for markdown.  It would be such a useful feature!

yes, please yes add markdown support.. especially with/inside Cards and sidebar Notes. 

upvoted, cheers. 

Agreed. Where is the markdown support?


I feel like more and more software companies are onboarding onto Miro, and markdown is such a prominent tool used by most modern professionals these days for sharing information. Heck, I use it multiple times a day in slack because I come across the need for it so often.


Big fan of Miro, just really need this feature!

Add me to the growing list of users who could greatly benefit from Markdown support in Miro. I would consider this to be basic functionality for such a rich and broad tool as Miro.

The omission of code-blocks and markdown is something of a showstopper for me. Markdown looks like the easiest way of providing code-blocks & gives more than just code-blocks. So that’s a vote from me.

Agreed. This is a huge missing piece in order to use Miro for architecture/software diagrams.