Lock the dimensions of an object but still allow users to move it

  • 8 October 2020
  • 3 replies


Is there a way to lock just the shape/ formatting of an object but still allow users to move it? We use circles/ tokens for voting, ranking in 2X2 evaluation matrix, etc. Our participants love the interactivity of it but the dots will sometimes resize in an attempt to drag and drop. 

3 replies

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It would be really useful to be able to lock the dimensions of an object, but still allow it to be moved, rotated (and reflected - another important missing feature).


I would also love this feature. I use it a lot for teaching and the ability to lock a shape so that students dont go wild with resizing would be a godsend. I have reverted to just importing .PNG files of the shapes although this is not ideal either

@Sean Kelleher  I too feel this is important aspect.


I run an activity in which  i invite guest to my board and they have to move - say 10 numbered circles -  from one place to another.

For some of the non technical users this is awkward as they try to grab the object in the corner and inadvertently increase the size!!  This makes the whole board looks messy..


Hope you get more upvotes for this :-) for my sake!