Line as a shape (not a connection line)

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There is a connection line what is great.

But I am missing a line as a shape, with possibility to choose ends (as arrows or circles).

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Olesya - 


I’m not sure that I understand your question fully as I can create a line which is not connected to any other objects, and then modify both ends of it the same as if it was connected to other objects?


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Thank you Kiron! 

I tried to draw a line several times but it was snapping to objects nearby. I guess that was a problem that I was trying to draw next to other objects. :blush:

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Had the same question today. 

The line is actually fully usable as a standalone shape. You can stop it from snapping to objects nearby by holding CMD on Mac while drawing it (should be CTRL on Windows?). 

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One thing I miss is an ability to snap a line to other lines. I draw a lot of stuff like in an attached picture. While it’s doable, which is great, the convenience is somewhat lacking. 



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I had a similar request, since the Connetor Line does not behave exactly like other shapes. For example, you can not create three parallel lines, select the three, and use the alignment tools (space vertically, etc.), since the Connectors wouldn’t expect that capability.


A common use case for me is to create a Kanban-like board. I know there’s a Kanban template, this is a different use case where I want different item types represented in the board besides cards. I’d love to create four vertical column lines and one “title” horizontal line and get them all lined up nicely using the align tools. The hack I use today is to just create very thin rectangles. But, that is a hack, and doesn’t work for different line ends like arrows or circles.

ok, here is the why you cannot see the arrow at the end of a line or a point at the beginning:  the dimension of the line is so small relative to the frame you are using it in, that you have to scroll in to see the arrow head.  Then, is there a way to increase the size of the arrow?  right now it looks like it is defaulting to 12pt.  My frame text is at 64pt.

how do you adjust the thickness of a line?  the default is 14, I think.

There are two options:

Use connecting lines, but while drawing line press Ctrl (Connection Lines – Miro Support & Help Center)

Another cool option is to use smart drawing. Just draw a line like freehand and it will transform it in a nice line. PS. With this feature, you can also draw circles, rectangles, triangles, arrows, sets (Smart Drawing – Miro Support & Help Center).

I would really love the ability to use a line as a shape, and not a connection. Even the smart drawing tool turns your line into a connector. Just, don’t. And maybe get rid of that snapping feature (or allow people to turn it off). You could connect their lines yourself without it snapping crazily to nearby objects. 

I use lines to clearly define sections in my diagrams, and the rectangle shape doesn’t get very thin.

I hope it’s something you’ll consider adding soon. 


For the love of god just please make a simple line object that doesn’t connect to every thing in the universe. This is so basic, and I need it probably 100 times a day. Currently I have to import SVG lines in from figma for everything.  If that can’t be done, let us turn off the “connection” part of the connection line. This is probably the number one most annoying missing feature in Miro.