Filter and sort task cards by tag / date

  • 20 April 2020
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Miro would be a fantastic tool for managing my todo list if I could filter the list of cards in the pop-out pane on the left by tag and then sort / group by date.

Even if manual filtering or sorting isn’t possible just sorting cards by date by default would be a huge help.

7 replies

Hi @David Coales,

We have a similar idea here -

Do you think I can merge your request with the Rico’s one? 

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Hi Marina

This would cover the filtering part but not the sorting.  My cards could be scattered over the board either in different kanban widgets or as stand alone cards making them impossible to sort visually on the board whereas on  the summar list on the left you could sort them by date to produce your weekly task list for example.  Having them grouped  by date would be even better because you could simply drag then from one group to another to reschedule.

I guess I'm basically looking to stop using Todoist and move fully into Miro 😁



I am also searching for a way to sort the cards by due date. I have cards spread across boards and I would like to see what is due today (or even overdue). If the card list could be ordered by due date, that would be perfect.

Consider limiting it to a POC MVF: just sorting a column of Kanban cards in a single-swimlane Kanban board. Once it works and once optimized could be tested at different scales to address others‘ needs mentioned in this thread.

I'm working with a team helping them do a MVP using MIRO and CARDS ahead of onboarding their project management task tool of choice. It is going really well. They have identified “search filters” by using “TAGS” on the cards. It would be really beautiful if we could select all the “tasks” and show views by “tags”. This will really give them a “real world” experience of how this could work which informs how their task tool of choice can be set up. I tried the clustersize feature but it doesn't sort it neatly and simply.

Wouldn’t it be cool (if not downright viable) for Miro to build on its existing capability to sort search results by object type (ex. card, sticky, frame etc.) to sort at will within a limited area (ex. swimlane) and/or within a n number of manually selected objects. Might this be called “Regional Sorting”, “À la carte sorting? I can see the toolbar icon already.


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I would love to have the feature: sort cards by tag. Much needed!