Embedding relationship maps

  • 22 May 2020
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I’m using Miro and for game design purposes. is really good for mapping relationships, but it’s limited to that. Right now, I can only take a screenshot of the map to paste it in Miro, but it’s lacking all the interactive features (highlighting relationships, getting details on items, zooming in and out...) has the option to generate an embed code: but it doesn’t seem to be 100% recognized by Miro (it creates a play button that opens the map in a layer over the content, which is not bad but not as great as having the interactive map directly into Miro.

1 reply


yes, KUMU has a interactive format of organising systems thinking mindmaps. but kumu has limited possibilities of combining multiple maps/ templates. if atleast we could view multiple kumu in a single miro board it wll be useful. 


But yhea, kumu is a head to head competitor for miro. nevertheless, if miro is a leader, it has to embrace small players.