Configurable Admin Roles

  • 12 March 2021
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Would like the ability to have a configurable admin role, or at least a separate tier of admin with lesser permissions. For example, we have nearly 6000 Miro users (& growing daily) at our company whom generate a lot of lower-level admin type work (trouble ticket resolution, repeatable tasks, etc). The only people able to complete these tasks are Company Admins which because of the inherent permission levels is too much access to give to someone working in a helpdesk type role.

We would use this lower tier of an admin role to:

  • Troubleshoot login issues when JIT fails (add / remove users)
  • Setting up new Miro teams and assigning new team admins to those teams
  • Auditing / changing board permissions when boards are improperly shared
  • Restoring deleted boards

We would like to continue to only allow Company Admins to have access to things like:

  • Configuring the security setup (SSO / SAML configuration)
  • Having extended content admin privileges (we currently have this enabled in our tenant)
  • Approve and configure company wide application integrations


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