Collapsible branches on the mind maps

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To me, this is the most glaring of the missing features on MIRO right now.  This app keeps getting better and works seamlessly, but that one missing feature is really holding us back from going all-in.  


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Sooooo need this right now, want a big company to adapt Miro and working with big mind maps is a must.

@Lena Shenkarenko 


Any updates since 8 months ago? Would love to know what the team decided (yes/no, timeline, other things)





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I’m echoing all the above frustrations. In order to present an idea at the “core” of a Miro mindmap (without sharing some of the children I am not ready to share) I literally have to make a copy of the entire mindmap. Then we need to deal with version control, etc.. ARGHHH!


This is BEYOND frustrating, as many people have posted above. Please please post an update here, Miro!

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Hello! I would also like to add my support for this issue. Been evaluating Miro for the last few days and it is really great for what we are doing as a team, but our previous mind map solution let us collapse nodes, and it was incredibly important for the usability of the mindmap to close down nodes that are not currently in focus, especially when we store lots of details in child nodes that only need to be visible when our discussions dive into deeper detail.

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This is a fantastic feature thread, one which I strongly support.

  1. Collapsible branches
  2. More robust capability for multiple parent nodes to link to one or more common child nodes.
  3. The ability to auto layout the vertical spacing so that all items at a given level are on the same layer.  This would need to be an option.
  4. The ability to multi-select and edit shape, line color, font, font color, fill color for nodes.
  5. The ability to hang text or an object below a node and keep aligned.
  6. Ability to organize child nodes of a given branch vertically, as is common in an org chart (some of my trees are too wide to be useful).

Please respond to this very popular request as it is much needed for any mind map user. It is available on other alternatives such as whimsical and I would really love to have it in Miro.

Another one to second Collapsible branches. Please please please add this!

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Here is an example of why this feature would be very useful. I really hope I can collapse that massive chunk of purple lines soon. That big long blue URL also doesn’t need to be visible. 

The beauty of a mind map is that once we have made it, everyone can explore it, but they aren’t confronted with its entirety all at once. They explore it at their own pace, opening up the nodes, and taking parts in one at a time. 

Collapsible branches +1

Mind Maps is a way to present information and go into details when needed.

We want to get rid of Mindjet)

Very strange that Miro guys not understanding the must have feature of the product. Very disappointed.

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Any updates Miro. In your support article from 3 months ago, you mention that it’s top of the backlog.

No, it is not possible to collapse and expand nodes yet. The feature is on the top of our backlog. 

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Agree...I've seen some people at my Company using other tools just because of that

Very surprised about that missing feature!

We need this. I’m another user very surprised not to have this feature on the tool. Another one:

  • Why all the mindmap need to have the same font size? Let it be changed, at least, to all fonts on the same level.
  • Export/Import from other mindmap is another must

I am here for the same reason.
I used to put everything in MindNode and tried in Miro… I am really (badly) surprised that the collapse feature is not there… 👀

Come on Miro ! 💪

To me, this is the most glaring of the missing features on MIRO right now.  This app keeps getting better and works seamlessly, but that one missing feature is really holding us back from going all-in.  


Hey, thanks for your feedback! In fact, it’s very timely –  we’re researching how we can improve mind map right now :) 

“10 months ago”… come on :(

This is critical for big maps!

In the meantime, you can use this jewel:

You can use it from vscode so all your maps are plain text which mean that you can version them in git.




Yes! Really important feature.


I would also add collapsible blocks.

You can have text block with title and text body.

You can collapse it and have only title visible.

You can expand it ans see content. Like accordion blocks on websites.


Miro raised $50M and they can’t get branches collapsed! wtf.

I just moved back to XMIND. 

MIRO is great at promotion but amateur hour on basic functionality.




To be honest I have enough waiting for it... 
I will search for some alternative tool. :( 


Yes, we’re both ‘beginners’ but I’m a consultant with clients I wanted to connect to MIRO. I really do love the company & app but I can’t reco MIRO and put my reputation on the line when it’s missing such basic functionality. Seems they are so focused on. ‘collaboration’ that they overlook the user. I’m guessing they do read these posts. Wonder if it has any impact on Prod. Mkt/Dev Team? 

Dear God let this be my Big Problem today!!! ha ha

The integration of mind mapping into Miro is very well done, but the ability to collapse and expand nodes and children is critical to effective use of mind mapping, especially once you move past the initial “brain dump” stage and use the map as a tool to group related ideas into new structures. I’ve found that my maps tend to get pretty large, and I depend on the ability to collapse and expand nodes to help me visualize concepts (branches) at different levels of detail. Without it, even the best mind mapping implementation falls short.


Adding this ability to Miro in, along with a way to import and export data in a text-based format that includes the node relationships, would give me little reason to switch to a new tool for any visual task. It would give me a tool that lets me keep all my visually-driven concepting work in a single application.

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Hey, I agree with everything that has been said previously.
Possibility to collaps branches is really necessary.. )

Agree with previous requesters. It’s really helpful when you can eliminate unnecessary details and work at the required level of details. Do you have any updates on potential release dates? It’s been a while since you started researching the options.

It´s incredible to see that the miro team isn´t even interacting in this topic with their users.


It´s one of the most important features of your tool an entire userbase gives you feedback on it and Miro doesnt even get back to them. Is Miro supposed to be one of those nice Tech Startups with great ideas and great people or one of those old companies that are unable to be user centric?