Collapsible branches on the mind maps

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The integration of mind mapping into Miro is very well done, but the ability to collapse and expand nodes and children is critical to effective use of mind mapping, especially once you move past the initial “brain dump” stage and use the map as a tool to group related ideas into new structures. I’ve found that my maps tend to get pretty large, and I depend on the ability to collapse and expand nodes to help me visualize concepts (branches) at different levels of detail. Without it, even the best mind mapping implementation falls short.


Adding this ability to Miro in, along with a way to import and export data in a text-based format that includes the node relationships, would give me little reason to switch to a new tool for any visual task. It would give me a tool that lets me keep all my visually-driven concepting work in a single application.

Agreed. This feature is NEEDED.

Being able to collapse/de-collapse mind map nodes is for the make or break functionality to use Miro mind maps.

The reason is super simple.

Only by collapsing a mind map I have a control how the story I tell is unfolding, if everyone is seeing every node right from the start all the focus of my narrative is gone and attention is diluted.

You fix it - I use it, promised


Let me draw you a picture



This is such an important feature! Makes organising your thoughts easier and focus on what you want while mapping your mind! Hope this will be introduced soon!

Very strange that Miro guys not understanding the must have feature of the product. Very disappointed.

Collapsible Branchs are absolutely needed !!!

This would be a really great feature. Do we have any idea if/when this will be implemented?

NEED this. Agreed: It’s the main limitation, and may ultimately be a deal breaker if not. I have many ways I want to Collapse my mindmaps. They do not fall into the established structures xmap offers. I want more control when creating relationships on what levels can be collapsed. 

Interesting that with so many votes the feature still does not exist. Does it take really a year or more to figure out what other mindmap can do? come on? now more then ever people use those online tools, please act


You are one of the mos expensive mindmap tools in the entire world. How can you miss such a basic functionality as the "collapse nodes" one? It is simply essential do deal with more complex mindmaps!

Looking forward to this, since I'm really interesting in buying the "Team Plan".

Collapsable branches please!!

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Essential features currently missing; collapsable nodes + insert images into nodes. Adding them will be very helpful indeed!

Please respond to this very popular request as it is much needed for any mind map user. It is available on other alternatives such as whimsical and I would really love to have it in Miro.


Miro raised $50M and they can’t get branches collapsed! wtf.

I just moved back to XMIND. 

MIRO is great at promotion but amateur hour on basic functionality.



As the others, I really find that feature fundamental. Have you some news about the release time ? It sincerely prevents my team from going on a paid licence as we rely on huge mind-maps for work.


I hope the dev team can add it as soon as possible, it would be game changing.


Thanks in advance


Hope this core feature is coming soon

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After 1 year this basic feature is still missing.

Too bad!

Just adding to the long list above that we need this feature… 

This seems like a very basic convenience feature. I hope you can add this on time. We would like to get rid of our separate mind mapping tool.


To me, this is the most glaring of the missing features on MIRO right now.  This app keeps getting better and works seamlessly, but that one missing feature is really holding us back from going all-in.  


Hey, thanks for your feedback! In fact, it’s very timely –  we’re researching how we can improve mind map right now :) 

This research is taking a lot!!!!! Ufff…..
Would me amazing positioning yourself as a company if this feature would be or not be available for use!
a little clarity and transparency is basic to develop a relation with your customers!
I would love a feedback from the product team!

Please add this feature, it is a must for mind maps...

It´s incredible to see that the miro team isn´t even interacting in this topic with their users.


It´s one of the most important features of your tool an entire userbase gives you feedback on it and Miro doesnt even get back to them. Is Miro supposed to be one of those nice Tech Startups with great ideas and great people or one of those old companies that are unable to be user centric?


Please make it a way so you can collapse the mind maps its important!

Six month ago I asked the support about expanding/collapsing nodes on the mind map and they told me that this feature is on the backlog for the developers. Now, a half year later, I am back at the customer where I first encountered Miro and this feature is still not available. @Miro, it would be great to get an update on this.

Love the product generally, used for Brainstorming during lockdowns!

But for mindmaps I have to give it up because they rapidly become massive when dealing with projects.

Collapsing Nodes is fairly standard to enable the mind to only see and follow a path it needs to.