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  • 28 May 2020
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Miro right now supports a General Note on the level of the board 
But often we want to refer to a specific node (mindmap or graph etc)

Sticky Notes are too large and obstructing , I want to hide the note, the sticky note is also limited in its characters by design.

I often find myself using comments, but comments are somewhat temporal and people could resolve them by accident, they’re not concert records.

We need a way to create notes associated with the nodes (that we maybe can comment on and have a discussion) 


One proposed manifestation of this UX would be like the comment tool I would start a Note (like the note in beta on the side) and document my explenation.

I expect my comments to show up in the comments tab
I expect my note to maybe show up in the notes tab (linked to the place it’s been attached too, like comments)


4 replies

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Yes we have some similar ideas.
Colapsing branch could do it
And PopOut text

I’m totally agree, but maybe support these also ?

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I wonder if something like this would work - multiple chat rooms connected to a widget in the board?


It would be cool to have like collapsible storage points in general - not to get too dense and just become another folder structure but to be able to create a bunch of vision boards, and then have like expandable treasure chests they live in without “physically” moving around the “space” would be awesome

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@Jean Bultingaire Collapsing branch is something else to me; it’s just to simplify the map temporarily.

Popout text would be fine as well, as long as it’s mouse-click activated. Otherwise it can quickly become a nightmare when you have a lot around (definitively a problem in Excel as you get those comments poping up all over the place as you hover on your worksheet).

A note assigned to a shape or text or whatever object should be fairly simple, not invasive on your board and add that extra layer of details that is often needed on complex projects.

Turns out it is available in the roadmaps… so I don’t really get why it’s not applicable to all objects (they could even leave the task-related fields in there, cannot hurt… or add a simple option to hide the fields you don’t want to see).

Details popup on roadmap task/feature