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  • 19 October 2020
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I wish to be able to see counts of the objects in a board, at least stickies, and related statistics. Currently, I can do this only manually or in excel after downloading data from miro (It requires stickies rearragment, excel cleanup and overall, it’s time consuming). I would like to see counts on the level of board, but mostly for selected area. Example: I do mapping of feedback from focus groups. I need to tell story from verbatim also in quantitative perspective, like how many people said this and that, provide % of entire audience, etc. Therefore, at least. I would like to see how many users mentioned topic #2, subtopic #4. So if I select related area in board, I d like to see quick summary from stickies immediately in board itself.

Please support it. It would be so helpful for our team.

P.S.: I love Miro, amazing job here! ;)



7 replies

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@Michaela Dererova -

If objects aren’t locked in the board, you can do a select all (Ctrl-A) and then in the toolbar which pops-up you have the ability to filter which types of objects are included in the count (see below).


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Thanks, I like this. However, it’s not user-friendly enough. If I select just stickies, I can’t see any count. Also, if I have so many topics and subtopics, I have to do a lot of selections and clicks over the board to see the counts. But indeed, this feature you mentioned is already pretty handy.



I’m doing card sorting in Miro for qual responses to an online survey question (“Why did you visit this website today?...”)

I’ve grouped the responses into frames but need to get a count of no. of stickies in each frame.

Being able to see this on the frame somehow would be great, but @Kiron’s workaround is usable for now.

Strangely - the object selection count filter thing only appears if you have selected more than one type of object. So in my case I must add at least one ‘non-sticky’ object to each frame to ensure the counts pop up.

Or alternatively I can draw a select box around the frame, which captures the frame itself plus all the stickies within.

Shame there is not a ‘select all within frame’ option.

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Counting works on selections and groups that contain two or more different types of items. For example, if there are 35 sticky notes and one card on the board, I’ll see the total number of items if I select the stickies AND the card and be able to filter as shown in the above example. If I simply select all 35 stickies, I won’t get this information/functionality.

It would be good to have this on selections and groups that only contain one type of item.

Use Case:

I want to do dot voting where the number of votes each person gets relies on the number of items being voted on. If there are 35 items being voted on, I want the number of votes each person gets to be roughly 25% of the total. If I can’t easily count them, I won’t know how many votes to give people. I don’t want to waste time manually counting them before each voting session. Time-poor collaborators will get restless.



Add a single different item to the group you want to count before selecting the group and subtract one from the total.

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I mentioned a similar situation and @Max Harper said he would take a crack at coming up with something. What he has done so far looks really promising. 

I had asked about the ability to count the individual colors in a particular frame on a board. My use case is to get the tally of different annotations my team makes on .pdfs in the field. 

Looks like there is increased interest in more available stats, generally.

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Super Selection: 


Hi everybody. Great to find discussions here with not only hopes and dreams, but also some great detail on how you’d like to see it implemented.  

So, I’m really glad @Ryan Wagner linked me to this thread (thank you), because it reminded me that we built a tool last year that does this.  It does selection filtering - so when Miro came out with their selection tool we thought… “hmmm, ours does that and then some, so... who really needs our thing..?”  But our selection filter allowed more granular selections (which at the time, seeing what Miro itself released, we thought was probably overkill, but it turns out, I think from reading this thread and hearing what @Ryan Wagner is after, that our tool might be really helpfully … overkill.  

Will be delighted to hear everyone’s feedback. 

Here’s a demo below. 

To test it out:  If you DM me I can send you an install link. I just brought it out of the attic and dusted it off… Haven’t really tested it too thoroughly… I’m sure its got lots of room for improvement. 




Oh … and @Jodi Bennett @Michaela Dererova  @Meirion Williams  - I forgot to show in the video but the tool works on selections of only one type… So 35 if I have sticky notes - I can access the selection and get a count without having to select another type.


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Hi, @Max Harper 
Super Selection Filter seems like and improvement from what we have today and it is flexible enought to meet many different user cases.

However, it seems to me that this feature is still too manual, requiring this detailed drill down of counting and ,in the end, I would still need to write down the resulting countings somewhere.

For some use cases like dote votting and sticky notes clustering, I think it would be better to set something simmilar to this super selection previously and assing the counting result to a textbox or a sticky note.
It would be like setting an Excel formula (but with the GUID simmilar to the one you showed) with the result being dinamically displayed in the board.

So during a group dinamic it would be easy to get a quantitative info (previously configured) from an specific area of the board.

Thank you for sharing this feature with the community!