Be able to turn off the automatic Connection Lines

  • 24 December 2021
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Probably the thing that drives me the craziest about Miro is the number of times a day I accidentally draw a connection line between two items that are close together in Miro. It happens multiple times a day.  I rarely have a need to draw connection lines between items on my board - so this ‘auto connector line’ feature is just painful. 

I’d like the ability to turn this feature on and off - so that those of us who have no need for it can turn it off. 

5 replies

I wish more people would vote for this item! This is my first rodeo with MIRO as I had been a MURAL user at my last two companies. At my new employer, they do not have a remote use tool, so of course I recommended Mural but my new manager found MIRO. So as a creature of habit, I want Mural back but also there are a few reasons that I am not thrilled with MIRA but this is a big one! My first workshop is coming soon and I am frustrated building the board, and I just know it’s going to frustrate others as well.  

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@Yvonne Davis - thanks for the vote.  It’s only been up for a few weeks, so hopefully will garner more interest.  I’ve been using Miro for two years - and as a general rule love it.  But the line feature DRIVES ME AND MY TEAM INSANE!!!


Same here! I find it incredibly distracting. Why do they assume I need those arrows?! I rarely do, and f I do need them, I usually add them AFTER I created and clustered my stickies, not while I’m creating them. They disabled the double click to recreate the last object but make this automatic? Makes no sense for me. After over 2 years of hardcore miro usage and clear preference of miro over mural, this is actually now a point where I must admit that murals usability is superior.

This is the top complaint my entire team has with Miro too. So frustrating. My wish is either give us a check box to turn it off or just give us a regular line tool in the shapes box. This wastes so much of our time fighting against it when trying to create visual layouts for our work sessions  and project boards.

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Thanks for the comment. We’ve been using Miro since the start of Covid - so two years of hard core Miro usage as well @jorosenbusch (BTW - not sure why they’ve labelled us as ‘Beginners’). 


And completely agree re the double click being removed. So annoying. 


I haven’t tried Mural - but will give it a go.