Back up all the boards under a Project

  • 20 May 2020
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Dear all,


I can individually backup the boards under each projects. However, it would be great if we can backup all the boards under the project with a single click of a button. Is that somewhat possible?


6 replies

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@Boris Borodyansky -

Is there an API call based method of doing what @Jen Tzen is asking for?


I am an enthusiastic user of Miro in my master’s level Leadership and Strategy course. I have just wrapped up the first semester of Miro use and I now have 18 projects (each project = 1 student) each of them have 10 180 boards.

It isn’t conceivable that a product so well-thought-out as Miro is going to require me to backup/save 180 boards individually. If so, that will push me to another application starting tomorrow.

Please advise.

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Hi @jackrahaim,

Yeah, it’s a lot. I’m afraid we don’t have an automated way :pensive:

Maybe your students can download backup files and send them to you? They can download board backup only If they are board owners. 

This probably links to the bulk functionality that has been suggested.  We have exactly the same problem and currently are wasting so much time performing actions which should be done in bulk, one, by one, by one, by one.

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Hey @Jen Tzen @jackrahaim !

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, as Marina has said, we don’t have the required bulk functionality, but we are constantly investigating our customer use cases to make decisions on further Miro improvements.

Could you elaborate on the cause of your requests? What is the purpose to backup the project?


Very simply, at the end of the semester, I remove students from my Miro account to make room for new ones. Rather than forcing me to back up every board, it only makes sense to be able to back up, at a minimum, entire projects. In my case, a ‘project’ is the collection of a specific student’s boards.

Thanks for checking, but this really should be a function of this otherwise excellent application.