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Dear all,


I can individually backup the boards under each projects. However, it would be great if we can backup all the boards under the project with a single click of a button. Is that somewhat possible?


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@Boris Borodyansky -

Is there an API call based method of doing what @Jen Tzen is asking for?


I am an enthusiastic user of Miro in my master’s level Leadership and Strategy course. I have just wrapped up the first semester of Miro use and I now have 18 projects (each project = 1 student) each of them have 10 180 boards.

It isn’t conceivable that a product so well-thought-out as Miro is going to require me to backup/save 180 boards individually. If so, that will push me to another application starting tomorrow.

Please advise.

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Hi @jackrahaim,

Yeah, it’s a lot. I’m afraid we don’t have an automated way :pensive:

Maybe your students can download backup files and send them to you? They can download board backup only If they are board owners. 

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This probably links to the bulk functionality that has been suggested.  We have exactly the same problem and currently are wasting so much time performing actions which should be done in bulk, one, by one, by one, by one.

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Hey @Jen Tzen @jackrahaim !

Thanks for your request. Unfortunately, as Marina has said, we don’t have the required bulk functionality, but we are constantly investigating our customer use cases to make decisions on further Miro improvements.

Could you elaborate on the cause of your requests? What is the purpose to backup the project?


Very simply, at the end of the semester, I remove students from my Miro account to make room for new ones. Rather than forcing me to back up every board, it only makes sense to be able to back up, at a minimum, entire projects. In my case, a ‘project’ is the collection of a specific student’s boards.

Thanks for checking, but this really should be a function of this otherwise excellent application.

Just adding my voice to this. I’m an information security officer currently carrying out a due-diligence evaluation of Miro for deployment into our organisation.

One of our standard requirements is that we are able to download a copy of our data which we control, so that we aren’t “hostage” to the service provider. We accept that the downloaded copy may be read-only, for example a PDF, but we cannot accept that we could lose access to the information.

It seems that we can meet this requirement on a board-by-board basis, but there is no capability for an administrator or an automated process to do it across our whole account. This isn’t acceptable to us, because we cannot risk relying on individual users to download backups of their own boards.

I’m afraid I agree with the comments above - I’m incredulous that you have failed to implement such an obvious and basic administrative function. It may mean that we can’t use Miro, which is a big shame because there is a lot of traction for its adoption within the organisation.

Surely this still cant be the case?

We have a lot of stuff, we have grown and want to enable SSO...which means more money for Miro

But the risk appetite is very low when we cant make a simple back up.

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I would think that Miro could just advise on what the direction on this is. If they get hacked or someone gets hacked, servers get wiped, etc. This would be a major problem. I’m not clear on the the use case to be studied is. This has to be a top of the backlog item?  Ability to back items up and run automated backups HAS to be top of the list? I can’t imagine it makes sense to wait till customers lose data.  Sorry to be so direct, but… this is a major issue. I would assume even for people at Miro who use Miro… What am I missing?

Piling on here… if Miro wants to be considered an enterprise-grade application, this is bare minimum functionality. If we have a disgruntled employee, student, contractor, whatever… leaving the organization, we’re at great potential risk for them destroying months of many people’s work. If you have some magic in the background, Miro, please let us know - otherwise this should have been fixed a year ago when the issue was raised.

Hello, our team now has about 30 projects with multiple boards. Now we would like to make a backup of all projects including their boards. What is the fastest and most efficient way to do this?