Adjust images size to fit into the replaced image, when using "replace" command


I use a template with avatars and want people to replace the avatar images (grouped with other stuff like name tag etc) with their own photos using the “replace” function. But this doesn’t work well.

It would be very handy if “replace” would adjust the uploaded image to fit into the size of the replaced object (in height or in width, no matter which).

But if I replace the image, the outer size is kept the same (as it should) but if the new image is bigger than the original one, only a fragment of it is seen (it is cropped randomly). It’s impossible to fit the image into the existing size with a click or a menue command.

Instead the participants must now crop the whole image and then understand how to scale the result down again, to fit it to the rest of the group. But as the image is part of a group like shapes and nametags, this ends up in a mess.

I hope I explained the problem well enough, sorry! Thank you!

I love miro!

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