Add "Push backwards/ Bring forwards" option to objects/selections

  • 27 October 2020
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“Send to back” & “Bring to front” are not enough as soon as your board starts having several layers of objects. Having a “Push backwards/ Bring forwards” that would push/pull the selected objects “one level at a time” towards the back or the front.


7 replies

Shocking this doesn’t exist, this is like 101 stuff. 

Very important feature. Brute force “to back” and then fix the others relative to the new back is not a good solution.

Am shocked this doesn’t exist in Miro. Such a tease to only have “Send to back” and “Bring to front” available :rolling_eyes: This combined with the fact there is no layers feature (as far as I can tell) is just appalling imho.

Wow as a new user, I was about to upgrade to Miro premium, but the lack of this feature  alone will keep me from doing so.

It’s such a table stakes feature, it makes me wonder what else Miro lacks. I may not even use the free version.

Google Drawing -- the most primitive drawing tool I know -- has this feature.

At minimum, it would be great if someone from Miro could explain the situation and/or manage user expectations.

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Def.  plus me in on that.  its a big deal for our team too.

biiig issue