Add "Push backwards/ Bring forwards" option to objects/selections

  • 27 October 2020
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“Send to back” & “Bring to front” are not enough as soon as your board starts having several layers of objects. Having a “Push backwards/ Bring forwards” that would push/pull the selected objects “one level at a time” towards the back or the front.


11 replies

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Shocking this doesn’t exist, this is like 101 stuff. 

Very important feature. Brute force “to back” and then fix the others relative to the new back is not a good solution.

Am shocked this doesn’t exist in Miro. Such a tease to only have “Send to back” and “Bring to front” available :rolling_eyes: This combined with the fact there is no layers feature (as far as I can tell) is just appalling imho.

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Wow as a new user, I was about to upgrade to Miro premium, but the lack of this feature  alone will keep me from doing so.

It’s such a table stakes feature, it makes me wonder what else Miro lacks. I may not even use the free version.

Google Drawing -- the most primitive drawing tool I know -- has this feature.

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At minimum, it would be great if someone from Miro could explain the situation and/or manage user expectations.

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Def.  plus me in on that.  its a big deal for our team too.

biiig issue

IMO this is the single biggest flaw in Miro at this time.

Still waiting for this. 

I’m going to have to migrate one of my boards out of Miro to some other application with this feature. Generally, it’s not a big deal but the layers in this board tell the story, and it’s unmanageable without this feature.

Time to add this please!

So often I go to hit cmd+Up / Ctrl+Up expecting this… and then remember I have to use Page Up/Page Down… And then remember it messes up all the other layering I had already done. :disappointed: