Accessibility - Text to speech option

  • 2 April 2020
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Does miro offer a text to speech option/plugin for visually impaired members of the team?

3 replies

Hi @Grace Baigent, thank you for this question!

Currently, there is no solution for this case.

Building on @Grace Baigent’s question, today I had a complaint from a neurodiverse client who has struggled to add content to a board. As a dyslexic she relies on text-to-speech software to allow her to voice content and contributions. It doesn’t seem Miro or its available plugins support this use case. Given levels of awareness around ND in the wider context of inclusion, I’m surprised. Are you working on this?

I dropped out of a design online course because they used Miro which has no accessibility for someone with dyslexia.  Microsoft worked with made by dyslexic to transform their products to be accessible Please Miro do the same.