Streamline projects from ideation to delivery with Smartsheet + Miro

  • 11 August 2022
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Hello Miro Community,


The Smartsheet app for Miro now includes a two-way sync that enables teams to get projects across the finish line faster with higher quality. Move from ideation and alignment to execution by easily converting sticky notes in Miro to rows in a new or existing sheet within Smartsheet. Import rows from Smartsheet to a Miro board as cards when you need to collaborate in real-time on tasks. Best of all, information will be updated in both tools – no matter where you edit them 🤓.

Visit this Help Center article to learn more and try the app now.


Oh and this app was built with the Miro Developer Platform 😎. Are you next? 


Happy collaborating, 


7 replies

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Thank you so much for this integration! I am mega pumped to dive in; the Project and Employee components of our company’s infrastructure is built in Smartsheet. I’ve been using the platform for years and years (spoke at their conference, presented to their internal teams) and kind of live in it from 7am pacific - 4pm pacific. Will be wonderful to have a native connection between the two environments.

I would love to know if there are any other Smartsheet power users here in the Miro community - would be a blast to schedule a time to compare builds and solutions across both platforms. Additionally, holler if you’re attending Engage in a few weeks.

Thanks so much again to the Miro team for continually keeping this environment so feature-rich. Final note on Smartsheet; can’t wait to get my head out of tables and cells to expand back in to visual thinking alongside the community. Almost there!

I love the idea of this Power up, however it doesn't seem to work for me when importing tasks from Smartsheet into Miro. it just buffers, I have attempted this on the desktop and the web browser. I also turned off prevent cross site tracking and that still didn't work. 


I too am having the buffering issue when I try to bring smartsheet rows, even just 1 row, into Miro. 

Hello.  Question for the community… when importing from Smartsheets to Miro is there a way to select the column of data to import.  When I import now, Miro brings in only the first column of data… did I miss something or doing something wrong?

Hello. I really want to use this integration but i have an issue. I download the app and give it permission. Then it asks me to login to smartsheets. When i click login nothing happens. 

I have tried on different browsers, I tried it on a new clean board, I tried it on my personal laptop (in case our firewalls were causing issues). Nothing! 

Note I am admin for our Miro account and the app has been given permission. 

While working on our latest project, we've been utilizing Miro for brainstorming and ideation, and Trello for task management. The integration between the two has been great for keeping our workflow organized and efficient. However, we've noticed that when we convert our Miro sticky notes into Trello cards, the formatting sometimes gets a bit messy. It's not a major issue, but it does take some time to clean up the cards and ensure everything looks neat.