Object dimensions to create consistently aligned diagrams and designs

  • 5 September 2022
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Hi Community,

Everything you need to create a great presentation or diagram is now right in Miro. Give your work a professional, polished look with alignment guides and dimensions. It’s now easier than ever to

  • Dimensions show the exact size of an object, space objects evenly or make them the same size
  • When turned on, guides appear as you drag an object on the board
  • Fine-tune your presentation designs, and ensure all your diagrams have consistency


Visit our help center to learn more. Let us know how you use dimensions.

Happy diagramming,


6 replies

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@Turner Pijpers -

Great enhancement! This should address a lot of concerns users had raised in the past about being unable to do more precise drawings with Miro!


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Is it possible to enter a direct numeric value of the object dimension?

This is a great start!

One “Bug” is that the feature doesn’t work with an ad-blocker enabled. I disabled the blocker for miro.com and then the feature works as expected

It’s a very nice to see how large a shape is becoming, but I would really like to type values in the blue box of in some menu item somewhere. Maybe by double-clicking the blue dimension box.

I’m guessing the values are pixels? Will we eventually also be getting mm dimensions as well?

I tested the A4 frame and reports 961x1359 as size. 

Presuming the values are pixels, I get a pixel value of 116,235 pixels/inch when I enter this pixel dimension in Photoshop and set the size to A4 dimension. That's a really uncommon value, is this a BUG? 









Creat to have object diemmnsions, but I too would like fame sizes be defined in mm not pixels.

Thanks, Paul

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Setting size with pixels is not very helpful. 

  • Need inches & mm option.
  • Also need to be able to enter a value on-the-fly to change the size or set it on creation.

Any timing coming for this enhancement?

Yes, please. We need any type of option to type in fixed values for the size of content. It does not even need to be pixel based. Just a percentage of its original size would work. This way we can make images placed with the same dpi comparable to each other.