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  • 2 November 2020
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:seedling: Hi Miro Community, 

We know you always wanted to have a chance to join other existing Miro teams in your organization (with the same email domain). 

Good news! Team discovery by @domain is now available for all users on any billing plan :tada:


Please find the details in the Help Center article, and let us know what you think about this feature in the thread below. We would love to hear from you! 


:bulb: Just a reminder that you can find all product updates in the Changelog.


2 replies

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Marina and team, this new functionality caused a big problem for me today.

I was onboarding some new users into Miro for an upcoming series of training sessions and interactive workshops. Like all of my groups they have widely varying levels of tech proficiency, including a few people who will need support. I manage this through slow and friendly onboarding into the tool for everyone. Because we would be working together over a few weeks, I asked these participants to make a free Miro account before the event rather than join as anonymous users.

They are all from the same large organisation, and evidently someone else in that organisation has previously set up a Miro team. My participants have no idea what a Miro team is, but they saw an invitation to join a team with their organisation’s name on it, and some of them clicked yes.

When gave them a link to my Miro board for the day, they were instead directed to something related to the existing team. Since I am external to their organisation, I had no way of knowing what they were seeing or supporting them to find their way back to my board. I still now have no idea exactly what interface they saw or what options they were offered, since I can’t reproduce the problem on my own.

In the end, the only thing that worked for one participant was getting her sons iPad from another room and logging in as an anonymous user on that device.

It was terrible.



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Hi @Alan Heckman,

Sorry to hear this! 

I asked the team about this case, and we have a lot of follow-up questions, and we can’t reproduce such behavior, and it feels absolutely unexpected. I’m also not sure it is related to this particular release of team discovery :thinking:  

I’ll reach out in PM.