Introducing the new "hide and reveal" setting for frames

  • 16 September 2020
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:tada:You voted. We listened! The #1 upvoted feature on Community Wish List is here. :tada:


Introducing the new hide and reveal setting for frames – manage what frames are hidden and visible on your shared boards and control when content is revealed to your participants during meetings and workshops.

Board owners can now control visibility of frames.

Hide content so that it stays private until the right moment to share it.  Stay in control of when content is revealed on the board so you can set the stage, design workshops content step-by-step, and maintain a private space on your boards. Available on all paid plans.

Read more about this magic new setting for frames here. 


Please leave your feedback in the comments below :arrow_down:


21 replies

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I was so excited to see this feature. Then I encountered a bug that has me with a permanently hidden, “un-reveal-able”, un-editable, un-deletable frame. Here’s what happened:

  1. I am using the Teams plan
  2. A team member (admin) created a board that I will use in a three-day class and populated it with some templates. So, she is the board owner.
  3. After day 1, I discovered this feature, realized it would be of great use in an activity that we’d be using on day 2, and went to edit the template we use to load that activity into a board.
  4. I am the “board owner” for a template, so I could hide frames there, and did.
  5. Back in the class board, owned by my admin, I added the template with the hidden frames. Since those frames are now in someone else’s board, I can’t do anything with them. Can’t unhide, can’t delete. So I asked my admin, as the board owner, to unhide them.
  6. SHE can’t unhide them either, I suspect because they were hidden in a different board and then imported. 

I request that hiding/unhiding frames is permitted for all team members, not just board owners. (I also request that for editing shared templates).

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teething troubles I guess -

Peter thnx for warning the rest of us of how things interplay - Its a feature we need :)

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I suspect that Miro is hitting some limits of their data model around user types and rights.

I would guess that enabling all team members to hide and unhide frames would be a more common use case, but the Miro team may know use cases where that is not desired.

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Hiding frames from a presentation and collaborators is very useful indeed. But in some of the topics there was also another wish. It would be great to hide de border of the frame (or set it to transparant). Because if you compose complex presentations with zoom in and out, the borders and titles disturb.

It’s a great feature indeed, thank you !

Although I’d love to have the ability to hide it completely, not even showing the grey board with the eye shut, when I share a board.

Is it possible ?


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This is a great feature, and I’m enjoying it already!  

I discovered that when a frame is hidden, I can’t unhide it on the Android App. (Lock/unlock works in Android, so I hope hide/unhide becomes available soon too.(

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I love this feature! I’m using it already and find it helpful for keeping partipants from wandering too far ahead.


I noticed that frames that are hidden cannot be revealed when using the Android app (lock/unlock does work in Android, so I hope hide/reveal is avialalbe soon too.)

Love the hide feature - but it would be great if the the frames that have been hidden don’t appear when you go into presentation mode.

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Like others I find this very useful, and now would like to see it expanded such that the hidden frame is shadowed out in the Frames list or presentation view. 

This aides navigation in particular on a board with many frames and as a participant I want to navigate back by rejoining a workshop due to say network drop or having stepped out for a meeting and now returning.


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Can only the owner hide and reveal frames? Is there any way to have multiple owners? We do presentations as a team and many of us would need to reveal different frames.

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Can only the owner hide and reveal frames? Is there any way to have multiple owners? We do presentations as a team and many of us would need to reveal different frames.


I just tried it with two browsers logged in on different team member accounts and find that only the owner has that control. other team members are Editors and do not. Guests do not.  It might be a good suggestion for the Ideas page - allow pages to have co-owners.

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This is a great feature and we use it a lot in Tuataramente ( :grin:

Our only concern is about hide/reveal privileges. We usually work in pairs but only the owner of the board can hide and reveal the frames. That’s ok when the owner also facilitates a session but. it would be great if you could grant hide/reveal privileges to other members of your team.

Would it be possible?

Thanks!! You are doing an awesome work with Miro, we are in love :heart_eyes:


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Hey everyone and thank you for your feedback!
@Brian Fulghum the feature is available on Android app, please check it out!
Also, we double checked with @Peter Green and Hide frame works in this case: you hide a frame on your board, copy frame to someone’s board. The board owner of that board can reveal that frame as an owner of the board. 

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Yep we also run workshops with multiple facilitators and we create boards to be used by several people so we don’t benefit fully from this much needed feature until it is extended to editors or co-owners :)

Will keep moving “blankets” around to cover frames ;P

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Please make frame hiding/unhiding possible by editors as well. It’s absurd and impractical that only the board owner can control those...I frequently hide content as we facilitate and I need other co-facilitators to have the ability to unlock it.


It would be great if owners could edit (and see) hidden content while others can't.

We work in real time with clients so we wouldn't want to show unfinished content.

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Love this feature! I would like my co-worker to have access to it as well, but there can only be one board owner. Please add a way more than one person can do it, either via super-role, or multi-owner, or special permissions, etc. Thanks!

How can I select a person or group to hide the frame, but be visible to me?

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While I like this idea in principle - it’s nice to be able to temporarily hide content - I also have a major complaint: Only the board owner can unhide.

Okay, sure, there’s value for cases when an owner doesn’t want folks to be able to access things. (Perhaps it must be kept confidential, or temporarily under wraps.)

But currently we’re stuck due to the board owner being out-of-office, with non-confidential content that we need to unhide.

Net-Net, please PLEASE expand this ability to all board participants. And at least give us the option to hide content in such a way, that everyone can unhide it if they wish!

Any update on the function to have multiple owners of a board so that people facilitating the training can all unhide content?

Is there a way to only make a frame visible to the facilitator/board owner? Sometimes I want to hide a section of the board from participants so they’ll focus on the topic/task at hand, but at the same time I sometimes need a reminder of what’s coming next. My memory isn’t what it used to be. 😕