[Enterprise] Increased duration of session idle timeout

  • 23 March 2021
  • 10 replies

Previously, the session idle timeout interval was set to 30 minutes. According to customer feedback, this duration may be too short and potentially disruptive for end users.

We've increased the timeout interval to 90 minutes and are working towards allowing customizable intervals in the future.

:books:  Read our Help Center to learn more. 

10 replies

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Any reason why this was restricted to Enterprise plan users only as it feels like a useful feature for all paid plans?


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@Kiron Bondale 


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Hi, so how are the customizable intervals coming along? 

Is there any update on the customizable time interval for the session timeout? The fixed time of 90 minutes is quite inconvenient to us. 


For an Enterprise user, the 90 minute timeout is too short a period - most especially if we are using SSO.

@Marina and @Fan Feng, any updates on when customisable SSO timeouts will be released (weeks, months, years?). Many thanks.

Hi All - Thank you for continuing to support Miro and providing feedback. We are planning to work on customizable session idle timeouts for Q4. If you are interested in trialing it, please contact your CSM. This feature is part of a set of greater features we are also testing in Q4 for all Enterprise customers.




Thanks @Fan Feng, great to hear! Very keen to test this enterprise feature in Q4.

Cheers, Ally

Thanks @Fan Feng  - will be really great to have this feature.One login per working day will be a great compromise between security and productivity. That longer timeout lets me leverage boards as resources/references when doing work - just like i’d glance up at my physical whiteboard before. 

The UX for SSO customers is painful.  I never used to be this bad.

I have to login multiple times per day as it signs out, I don’t have to do this with outlook or teams.  I also need to fill in the MIRO SSO login when in no other applications I have to do this.  It’s extremely time consuming for a power user of MIRO.
Are you aware of this issue and addressing this?