Easily involve teams in decision-making with our improved Voting

  • 14 October 2021
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Hello, Miro Community! We are excited to share that today we have launched a new and improved voting experience to help you easily involve teams in decision-making. 

With Miro’s improved voting app, we’ve made it easier and faster for meeting and workshop facilitators to get a sense of how the group feels about a variety of options.

  • Quick and easy for facilitators as well as participants

  • Customize the voting process by selecting specific objects to vote on 

  • Voting results are visible within just a few seconds after the session ends

Visit the Help Center to learn more and use voting to make sure everyone has a voice.

Jennifer Yzelman 11 months ago

Hi community,


Before you go off to spend the holiday season with your loved ones, we wanted to share some good news about voting! :snowman:

We’ve been working hard on making improvements to the voting experience based on the feedback you provided like easier setup of selection of objects to vote on and more customization of your voting session.


As part of this ongoing effort, we’re excited that we’ve already released the following updates:

  • Edit the session name once voting is done

  • Give a maximum of 99 votes per participant


Stay tuned as we make further improvements to voting to help you better involve teams in decision making, including increasing the duration of your voting session to a maximum of 9 days and ability to save voting sessions for later.


We look forward to continuing working with you in 2022!


Happy holidays :christmas_tree::sparkles:


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34 replies

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Hi @Kevin Kinisky thank you for the input, that’s really valuable. We’re working on increasing the max duration of a voting session - which will be released early next year!



Can we have the ability to set up a voting session in advance back please?

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Hi @Roy Marriott this is something that the team currently is looking into.


Thank you for the input!


Have a great day

So, the Save to Vote Later feature has been gone for a year now.

Last update 7 mo ago: the team is looking into it”.

Using the vote feature without pre-set votes is just impossible for anything more serious than a playground session.

Any forecast, when we can get this feature back?

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Hi @Gábor Péter Kertes 

Thank you for following on this and we appreciate your patience as our team looks into this. As of now we do not have any updates to share on timing but we will continue to share this feedback with our product team as they asses features on their product roadmap.

But please note that although saving votes using the voting app standalone on the board isn’t possible, you can set up & save voting sessions by using Smart Meetings. 


I have recorded a Loom video showing you how to do that: 



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To add to @Jennifer Yzelman’s reply, a few notes re Smart Meetings

  • As of this reply, Smart Meetings is still in beta;
  • it is not available on the Free or Starter plans;
  • and only the board owner/co-owner can use the feature.


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Thank you for adding those notes @Robert Johnson 

Thank you, @Jennifer Yzelman for sharing the Smart Meetings workaround. Based on your tutorial it seems to cover our use case. And thanks, @Robert Johnson for the notes on availability, unfortunately, SSMM are not enabled for us. I’m not sure what plan we are on, but I doubt anything in Beta would be allowed by our corporate policies.

So, let’s wait some more, and keep our eyes on the release notes.

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@Gábor Péter Kertes please reach out to me in private so that we can figure out if your company is eligible for the SM beta