Board history – now available on Team, Business, Consultant, Enterprise, and Education Plans

  • 9 July 2021
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Imagine working on a massive Miro board with dozens of collaborators: sometimes your content can be accidentally moved around or deleted by other editors. Board history makes it possible to automatically save and recover versions of Miro boards enabling you to collaborate with additional confidence. 

  • Access board history under board history icon on your Miro boards in the bottom left collaboration toolbar
  • Board versions are automatically saved every hour as well as at the end of each collaborative session
  • If you want to continue working with an earlier version of your board, you can create a copy of it without disrupting the work of your team members 

Visit Help Center to learn more and let us know what you think in the thread! 


9 replies

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A big and huge step forward for us users of miro has become reality.

It makes working with miro so much easier - without taking care or worrying: Have I backedup everything - You have to save this (of course we have to and should do) - but it makes the workflow so much easier so much better!!!

A big hug and thank you - You’re awsome:clap::dizzy::boom::trophy:


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Really nice feature we have been waiting for so long. However with many editors on a board the history becomes quite big quite fast. Finding a single change is difficult.

Typical use case:

we have a road map / Gant chart in which we have horizontal boxes for feature to be developed. The horizonal length of boxes denotes the time allotted for a feature. After a while I see that a box of one of the feature as seems to have become shorter? Did another collaborator changed this or was it always like this?

To answer this question Who changed the element at what time and into which form? I would like to click on an element (sticky note, shape, arrow, etc) and then see only the history of that element.

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This is excellent @Lena Shenkarenko - something many folks have been waiting for!


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This is a great feature and I have used twice already. However it is a bit clunky having to restore and save a board to a project just to see what it is. When I am scrolling back through the versions trying to find the right version to restore, I have to restore 6 or 7 separate boards till I find the right one.

Would be great if clicking on a version could somehow open a preview, then you can then decide to restore if you actually want to access it!

Also agree with above, it would be awesome to be able to ‘save’ a (named) version so that you can easily find it again. (Ie. I finish drafting a board and then send it to other to review and comment, but before sending I ‘save a version’ (save a snapshot) called Draft prior to Feedback, so that I can easily go back and find it later if I need to restore.

Exactly what ppl needed to make this even better! 

It would also be really helpful to have the option to name versions for easier identification and be able to store them permanently, like google docs. This helps track progress easier over several session, etc..

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Very nice! 


Along the same lines, I would love to see a “snapshot” feature.  Here’s a typical use case:

A user research lead conducts a survey with 100 people that includes an open-ended question that asks respondents to describe why they prefer a specific brand of ice cream.

  1. The researcher downloads the answers to an excel file and conditions the data a bit.  In my case, I like to create a new column that includes the answer to the question along with information about the respondent, like their job title.
  2. The researcher then copies the cells in Excel and then pastes them into Miro as stickies.
  3. Now the hard part - the research and their team begin clustering the stickies into different themes like organic, vegan, local, etc.
  4. The challenge is that the team wants to save each cluster, so they can potentially return to it later. 

Let me know if this makes sense.

I am a board owner and the “Versions” tab is not showing up for me. I am using an Enterprise license. What am I missing? Does my enterprise admin have to turn this feature on? 

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@Durk Hubel - The feature can be controlled through the board content settings by the board owner. 

Have a read through the Board Versions Help Center article:

@Robert Johnson : thank you for your quick reply. I am the board owner and I read through the Help Center article. As the board owner, the “Versions” option should be available to me, right?