AWS, Azure and Cisco shapes moved to diagramming library

  • 30 November 2021
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Hello Community!

We’re making some changes to our diagramming shape library. The AWS, Azure, and Cisco shape packs — previously available via apps — will be moved to our Smart Diagramming shape library, and their respective stand-alone apps will be removed.

What's happening?

This decision is part of our goal to offer customers an all-in-one diagram maker with a seamless experience. Providing all kinds of shapes in a single library is one of the steps in making it easier and faster to visualise information. We consider customer feedback throughout this journey.

No action is required from you. Existing boards and their content will not be affected. The stand-alone apps (AWS, Azure, and Cisco) will be removed from all plans, starting December 1, 2021. 

Want to know more about Smart Diagramming?

In October, we launched our Smart Diagramming solution, which allows teams to align with shared visual language and includes an extensive shape library. Shape packs from AWS, Azure, Cisco, and many other diagramming methodologies, including BPMN can be accessed via this new solution. 

If you are interested in learning more about Smart Diagramming, visit Miro’s diagramming page. Or, check out our help center for mapping and diagramming for all kinds of tips, tricks, and resources to improve your diagramming. 

8 replies

I’m subscribed to Consultant plan for my personal use. Now that I cannot make diagrams with the help of AWS, Azure and Cisco icon apps, I might as well move away from Miro since you are taking the major feature for developer type users. I don’t mind paying a little extra on Consultant plan to get the diagramming capability but as it stands it is only available on business+ and it requires minimum 5 user subscription. It made me think that Miro doesn’t value existing consultant license subscribers.

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@Thiha Soe I deeply see and feel your frustration. Hopefully tomorrow it would be placed into the Consutant plan … hopefully …

Miro cannot ignore so many many voices .. but we will see


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@Turner Pijpers - I echo @Thiha Soe’s feelings.

The AWS, Azure, and Cisco shape packs were available to ALL plans, including Free Plan users. Taking these away appears backwards and greedy - they were just images.

This took AWS pack away from student plan too.

For now, I uploaded AWS icon manual from aws icons on the side. When I want to use it → search for the icon name → duplicate → use it.

Anyway, if Miro want to commercialize icon package, I guess the best option should be allowed user pay for each individual package they want. :frowning2:

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Dear community members,

Thank you for your dedicated engagement with the Miro Community it helps us continue to learn. 

Your feedback on this topic is important to us and we will carefully evaluate it, together with this topic, in the further development of our solutions.

Kind regards, Turner 

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@Khoa Vu

Good workaround for us - thank you!

On the site:

there is a free diagram tool where you will get all the symbols … had just discovered it today …  


No action is required from you. Existing boards and their content will not be affected.

That line is only partially correct. Existing boards are effected since I can no longer use Icon Set Apps that I used in the existing boards to add updates.


I decided to move my boards to Lucidchart since most of my boards contain diagrams and Miro disabled Icon Set Apps which mean I cannot add updates to the boards without going through manual time consuming icon import process. A few of my friends suffered the same issue with some moving to tool and others to Lucidchart.


I still think Miro is one of the best when it comes to intuitivity of the UI but it’s a shame what they did to individual customers with Smart Diagram.

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Hi all,

I want to thank you again for your constructive feedback. It has helped us reimagine our diagramming offer. Starting December 16, Consultant and Education plans will have full access to our Smart Diagramming solution, including several advanced shape packs (AWS, Azure, BPMN, Cisco and Data Flow).

With this, I will close this thread. If you have any further questions, please feel free to react to this Community post or, if you'd like to learn more about Diagramming on Miro, check out our mapping and diagramming help center for all kinds of tips, tricks, and resources to improve your diagramming process. 

Happy diagramming,