Avoid group bias with Private Mode on Sticky Notes

  • 4 April 2023
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Hey Miro Fam 👋,

We have a cool new update for all you who run retros, workshops and brainstorm sessions. Introducing Private Mode, a new feature that allows you to create space to share input. Give teams a private space to reword, prepare and reflect within a meeting, encouraging more feedback and diverse insights. 

How it works: Any editor on the board can activate Private mode. While the mode is active, participants can enter their opinions on sticky notes in private, with the content invisible to others (authors will continue to be visible). Any of the editors can end the mode and upon ending, contents of all sticky notes will be revealed. 

Private Mode in action

Head to your Miro board and try it out, and don't forget to share your feedback with us here on Miro Communities. 

Enjoy your new private space!


PS: Available on all paid plans


7 replies

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@Shubangi Sunder -

It is worth highlighting that this feature does not make the sticky notes anonymous - once they are revealed, the author information is available. So if anonymity is desired, this feature should be combined with use of Miro Visitors who are not using their real names when they access the board.


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Hey @Kiron Bondale  yes its not anonymous hence we mentioned (authors will continue to be visible). This is a great note on anonymity though! Will pass it along to the team.
cc: ​​​​@Yogesh Sharma 

Thanks for listening to the overwhelming feedback. I’ll start using it. Thanks @Kiron Bondale to point out the ownership is still visible. Hopefully that’s next in the backlog @Shubangi Sunder ? :)


I find it useful to have that additional level of anonymity especially in tense environments where psychological safety is just a word on the wall.

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We are definitely evaluating when we can build anonymous mode @Enrico Teotti  :) Will share feedback with the team!

Sorry. Can you explain to a fool how this mode is activated?)

Sorry. Can you explain to a fool how this mode is activated?)

I found. It's okay)



Someone already mentioned, but the key thing here is that you can still see who the author is. There should be a way to truly anonymize a sticky, not just when it’s being written.