What Miro(verse) events would you like to see?

  • 25 January 2022
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 Hi Miro community,


In the past months we have organised several Miro(verse) events and it has been a success and loads of fun! :heart_eyes:

We are already planning  many more, and would love to hear what topics, themes, and use cases you would like us to organise events around. :bulb:

Maybe there is a specific Miroverse template you would love to learn more about?


Please share your thoughts, wishes, and suggestions in the comments :dizzy: 

3 replies

more focus on freelancers, esp in the creative industries….

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How to Create your first Miroverse template! I would be the first to sign up to this one! 

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@Eamon D what creative industries are you most focused on? I agree it can be a good topic! We have several Miroverse templates for screenwriters and storytellers, but I’m sure there are more creative Community members who can share their experience...