One of the coolest things: Visual-Notes - Board Objects

  • 13 November 2020
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I just want to share a thing wich is so cool to me and I am really amazed how Visual-Notes could be used:

I was searching for a short way to add a Downloadsection into my board - I have tried it by Visual Notes, where I added each PDF-file of the board into a section.

I was so amazed about the flexibility that gives me this feature - with the “board object” I can choose each and every element of the board that can be downloaded and give it an optical look and feel of the board.

Mironeers / Developers / Software-Engineers you are great!

Thank you!!!!


2 replies

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Thanks for sharing this, @mlanders. I personally don’t use Visual Notes but this gives me excuse to explore the feature!

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Thanks for sharing, @mlanders! It’s always a pleasure to hear such feedback :sparkles: