Miro Desktop App vs. Web Browser

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Okay community, vote and settle this debate!

Which one do you prefer and why?

Desktop/Mobile App vs. Web Browser

I prefer the desktop app because I like to keep my browser tabs minimal and organized. I cannot have too many open at one time! I think of Miro as a program so I like to use it like an application and not a website. I’ll use the mobile app from time-to-time to make quick notes or edits. It’s a good tool to have even though I don’t use it that often.


Which one do you prefer to use when working in Miro and why?

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@Kyle.C -

The browser app has more functionality at present (including the admin capability) so that clinches it for me :grinning:


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This is the first I’m hearing that Miro offers a desktop app, but if it lags behind the web app, I’ll stick with the web app.

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I agree with @Kiron Bondale about more feature-ful... though its been months since using desktop so I can’t list off what desktop lacks… I feel like its true. 

  • I have used the miro chrome extension … and while using it in chrome I’ve thought, “i’ll just stay in chrome”  … 
  • Miro seems to be nested in my workflows that are tightly coupled to other browser tasks…
  • I started doing dev work with the Miro SDK… so dev tools became essential.

So browser.  

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Oooh yeah @Max Harper, I haven’t tried the Chrome extension yet. I gotta do that.

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I'm with Team Desktop app. It's a lot more responsive and less heavy on processing for facilitating workshops and events.

My rational:

Desktop app: For real work.

Browser: For Miro administrative matters.

@Kyle.C I personally feel Desktop app and Mobile app are 2 different animals altogether :)

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This is the first I’m hearing that Miro offers a desktop app, but if it lags behind the web app, I’ll stick with the web app.

@Dhruva Reddy The Desktop app is definitely spunkier!

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Oooh yeah @Max Harper, I haven’t tried the Chrome extension yet. I gotta do that.

Chrome extension good for collecting research on websites while browsing.  I’d love it to have just a few more features on it then it’d be outstanding. 

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I’d agree that the web browser has more functionality, though using the desktop app is nice to keep focused on the work at hand.

The Google Chrome extension is a convenient way to add in images/screenshots into your boards!

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This poll should be re-launched. I think the desktop app has seen a few updates over the past 5 months. I prefer to use the desktop app because of the tabs where I can keep it all in one place without getting confused with all me browser tabs.

I would rather prefer an installed app for desktop and ipad.
Could also be easier for a rollout in an enterprise network and using SSO i guess.

Usually i have so many Browser Tabs open from researches and other works that i prefer to have a clear app window where i can switch back to with ALT-TAB quickly and insert my results or to-dos or links etc.

But agree that issues for administrative features have already caused problems when using it on ipad.

Took us some time to find out that it was not a fault of the administrators/users but an problem in the app.

Still scratching on the surface of the possibilities Miro has to offer.

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There have definitely been plenty of updates to both platforms, the desktop and browser.

Even since I posted my comments last year, I’ve changed sides to the browser! :astonished:


I do still use the mobile app as needed. But my work-flow changed with a new job and it’s more convenient to use the web browser. 

I am usually so far using the app on my computer but when I also use Zoom I sometimes get a message that its too heavy for the computer. Is the browser Miro “more light”. 
Do you know if there are any downsides of using the browser instead of the app on a PC?

I do enjoy the app on my Iphone :)