Miro Community: Here’s how YOU can get involved ✨

  • 9 March 2022
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Hi Miro Community, 

​We’ve assembled a list of Miro Community offerings where you can either participate and contribute yourself, or just attend, learn best practices and become even more successful with Miro. 


🤝 Meet the Miro Community

Introduce yourself. What a great way to start your community journey - meet your fellow Miro Heroes and network.

Join community groups. This is where you can connect with people who share your interests and discuss what you love.

Attend community events. Learn best practices, share ideas and make connections at our virtual events. Want to host an event for the Miro Community? Reach out to our Community Team at community@miro.com.


🎨 Unleash your creativity and get inspired

Become Miroverse Creator. Miroverse showcases the tried and true workflows, projects, and frameworks of the Miro Community, as well as their creators.

Take part in an official Miroverse Template Challenge. Share with the community how you Miro and win prizes! Don't forget to click Subscribe to be notified when we launch our next challenge.

Share the love on social media. We love seeing all your expert tips and unique ways of using Miro. Be sure to tag up (@Miro) on LinkedIn and (@mirohq) on other channels like Twitter and Instagram. While we can’t share everything, we’ll always try and leave a comment to amplify your post. Don’t forget to give us a follow too! 


🤓 Learn the nitty-gritty of Miro and become Miro Verified

Enroll in Miro Academy. Learn best practices in our top-notch courses and webinars, train your team at scale, and be confident you're getting the most out of Miro. Talk to the Miro Customer Education team and other learners in the Miroversity Forum.

Get your Miro Verified badge. Earn recognized digital badges that showcase your Miro skills.


🍒 Cherry on top

Developers > Build your own app on top of Miro. Welcome to the Miro Platform! Learn the ins and outs of Miro’s SDK, Rest API, iFrame embed, and help teams collaborate smarter with custom plugins and integrations. Join Developer Community on Discord.

Consultants >
Scale your client base. Gain access to a global network of peers from all stages of the Miro journey with whom you can connect to find the answers, resources, and advice needed to grow and scale. Join Miro Consultant Community!


9 replies

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I might just be a tiiiny teeeny bit biased (😇) but I strongly recommend the Lean-Agile Evangelists group! It's definitely the place to be, lots of great discussions and knowledge-sharing. Join now so you don't miss out on all the action! 😉


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@Henrik Ståhl -- you might be biased but it is a truly incredible group with great conversations, a delight! We are so fortunate to have you as a leader in the Miro Community!  :shaved_ice:

On that note, I’m a huge fan of the Community Groups -- and just joined another today led by @Said Saddouk, all about bringing gamification (mirofication!?) to Miro and having fun, and inspiring delight. It’s so cool to see how different and unique people make Miro, and that sometimes it’s so fun to just take it easy and enable your collaborators to have fun through games. https://community.miro.com/gamification-with-miro-mirofication-116/welcome-to-gamification-with-miro-aka-mirofication-7652


Groups bring me a lot of joy as I love seeing people come together to discuss what matters to them, what they are experiencing and building new connections. :arrow_forward:

I’m aiming to become a Miroverse Creator in the latest challenge just released. This has been a goal of mine since joining Miro. :heart_eyes:  

So happy to be building this together with all of you, the Miro Community is the absolute best. 

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@Henrik Ståhl if you’re biased then maybe I am a little too (😈) but I strongly recommend becoming a Miroverse Creator.

Steal that 🧊 ice breaker from one meeting to use in the next, the style of one 🖼️ presentation frame for another presentation down the line, or even some illustrations that you made for the holiday party 🎄 that one time that you think are quite adorable if you don’t say so yourself (...which I do), whatever it may be, everyone has those examples that they go back to time and time again.

In Miroverse you can showcase all your favourite examples to our global community of millions of users who are regularly searching for templates and ideas from people just like you... and me. 😉

→ Add yours, and see what fellow creators do with it.

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Hello everyone! :hand_splayed:


I haven’t introduced myself in a minute. I’m McCall, Miro’s Social Media Manager (AKA the girl behind the yellow Miro logo on LinkedIn, Twitter etc. :joy: ) If Miro’s ever liked, commented, or shared your posts on social, we’ve basically met and are BFF’s! Your posts bring me so much joy.


I am inspired by each of our creators and community members every day. Your creativity, drive, and passion for Miro is what makes this group so incredible. My priority and #1 goal is to encourage everyone to be empowered to share their workflows, templates, tips, tutorials, and basically everything under the sun on social media. Your voice truly matters and we can all learn a thing or two from each other. 


What you can expect from me coming soon: A toolkit that will help each of you feel inspired and empowered to create the best social posts of your life! We’re talking brand assets and elements, tips, hashtags, examples and MORE. It’s going to be real good. 


I am always here to help! Reach out to me here or on Linkedin and say hi. See you on social 🤩

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Thank you, @Marina — love this roundup! 

I want to echo what @Kristin said — for me, Miroverse is one of the most inspiring, comforting, and useful places on the internet. I love learning about the way different talented individuals and amazing companies use Miro to connect, get to know each other, and collaborate :hugging:  

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Oh wow, thank you @Colleen Curtis! I'm so happy to be a group leader, I love this community! 🌟

And +1 on what @Kristin and @Anna Savina says about Miroverse, it's so inspiring. 😍

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@McCall Turner OMG, can't wait for the toolkit!! 🤩 Do you have a teaser asset to share? Just a screenshot or something? So curious! 😉😊

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@Henrik Ståhl 


You’ll have to hold on a litttttle longer! Working my magic as we speak. It’s going to be great though (promise!) :grin:

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And if you can't decide which group to join … let me help you with your decision :grinning:

:point_right_tone3: Gamification with Miro | #Mirofication.


You’re welcome :grin: