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Hi Miro Community,


My name is Manouska and I am the Community Forum Lead at Miro! Happy to be here with you and have a chance to create this space for all Miro users to connect, collaborate, co-create and share knowledge with each other!

Take a moment to introduce yourself to the rest of the community. Follow this template for a chance to be featured in our monthly community spotlight!

  • Introduction template:    
    • 🎤  Name (pronouns optional)
    • 📍  Location
    • 💻  Organization + Role 
    • 💛  Areas of Expertise (ie. Product Management, Agile, Design, etc) 
    • 🎨  Interesting Fact About You

Feel free to add any other interesting information or even a fun picture with your pet :wink: This is the best way for all of us to get to know one another!


We can’t wait to get to know you all better and see you create the next big thing in this Miro Community!

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Hi everyone!  

My name is Patricia and I am a Product Solutions architect for Boomi but I also teach part-time as an adjunct professor of Product Innovation at the VCU da Vinci Center.  I am here to learn more fun ways to use Miro both in the workplace and in the classroom.

Looking forward to connecting and learning from you all.


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Hi everyone!

My name is Pablo; I’m currently working for Improving as a Product Owner; previously, as Business Analyst and Scrum Master.

I’m here because I love using MIRO, initially to create application mock-ups, but I plan to use it in my daily life with my family. I hope it gets translated to other languages one day so more non-English speakers can take advantage of this great platform.

I love the courses and DISTRIBUTED 2021 Event amazed me.

Thanks for building this great platform; I feel lucky to join the community.





Hi everyone!  I’m Annie MacLeod and Project Management consultant, coach & mentor based in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.  I found Miro - or at that time Realtime Board - almost 3 years ago and love it.  I tell folks its the sexiest software I’ve found in about 20 years!  

I’ve partnered with two other folks here in Kelowna to develop the Project Gameboard - a proprietary system to visualize, manage and move your projects from ‘chaos to completion’.  We’ve also integrated key culture components for organizations, project teams and project managers to build high trust relationships and practices.  

We use Miro to do workshops with clients - stickies rule!  We’re also exploring the Miro integrations with PM tools such as Jira, MSTeams, Basecamp, etc.  Really looking forward to learning from this great community.  

Here’s my view from my office and Prince William surveying his domain!  


Hi Anne. Amei seu trabalho e sua ideia. Genial. Estou começando ainda, mas já acho a ferramenta fantástica. Este é meu contato Abraços. Gostei de te conhecer.


I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Todd Swift and I’ve been using Miro for about 6 months and have converted from primarily using Mural for the past 2 years. I’ve really enjoyed leveraging templates and have created a few of my own. Looking forward to collaborating with you all and growing the use of this amazing product as I look to help grow it internally within my organization.

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Hi I’m Sven,


I’m a developer from Germany and just started developing a Miro Plugin for a Product I’m working on: It is all very fresh but I’m looking forward to working with the nice looking Miro SDK.



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I’m Jonathan, and Biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and a private consultant. I specialize in decision science and quantitative ecology. 

I use Miro to aid the facilitation of structured decision making processes. At this point I use it in three ways: to provide a visual that helps when I’m explaining the process or the upcoming task, a means of facilitating brainstorming and collecting input, and as a visual repository that helps to create the shared institutional memory of a team or organization as they progress toward making a decision.

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Hi everyone! :hand_splayed:

I’m Michael and I work for the energy provider, E.ON Next. I have previously worked in graphic design for somewhere between 4-5 years before having a career change but I find myself enjoying creating things at my leisure in my somewhat new role because a) there’s not direct pressure for me to do any of this so it’s ‘my’ baby and ‘my’ decision to do so… and b) I simply have more respect both for this company but more specifically my team leader and my operations manager who treat me as a valued member of the team/company and not just that guy who design things to save us money :grin: #equitytheory

I’m here to see what the capabilities of MIRO are and if I ‘can’ create what I ‘think’ I’m going to be able to, which could positively impact quite a lot of people (ideally).


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I just relocated from Belgium to Sweden.  That means also a new job, and new tools.  Within my new company we are extensively using Miro for all types of things.  Looking forward to learn how this can improve productivity!


Bonjour from France,


My name is Stéphane and I am based in Nice Côte d’Azur, France. I am a Salesforce Consultant and Developer. We are using Miro for all projects related documentation and I am here to improve our usage of this tool.

One fun usage is that we launch Miro from a Samsung Flip Board so that we can benefit from the pencil and the touch screen. It would deserve some improvement to be better integrated yet it does the work so far. 

Have a great day ☀️

Hi all,

Greetings from the Netherlands!

My name is Bram Smulders. I work as a consultant at Infiniot, where we help companies in the energy sector to enable the energy transition.

I mostly fullfill the role of Product Owner. Ocassionaly I do training sessions and workshops. In all of these cases, Miro is a great way to collaborate with clients. I love the flexibility and the many features Miro has to offer.



Hej everyone,

Very happy to join the Miro community :wave:

My name is Jost and I live in Cologne, Germany. In the role of Manager Business Development - Digitalization at Vaillant Germany, a leading HVAC manufacturer, our team aims to help our organization to operate successfully in a digital environment.

We did start to use Miro in 2020 when our daily routines shifted from onsite sessions to running all-day virtual workshops. Use cases depend on the roles we own, the hats we wear in the various cross-functional teams we work with. From designing workshop facilitation templates, creating OKR sets, building templates for the different phases of design sprints, bringing no-coders together to prepare visual sketches and briefing of digital workflows or products we ask agencies to build, to simply collecting thoughts/ ideas/ questions.

I can say for sure that Miro totally changed the way we collaborate and create value and that because of Miro the outcomes of our remote collaboration were such a success. That it helps to keep even the kind of non-digital co-workers engaged and makes it easy for them to contribute with their expertise. That it simplified our collaboration with design agencies and external developement partners. That it’s never been easier to make people grasp a project’s journey and results within seconds (or minutes). Thanks for that Mironeers :grinning:

Looking forward to contribute and learn from you!

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My name is Pascale LOUISE, I’m strategic designer at Airbus Innovation in digital services. I use Miro to facilitate workshops such as Vision or Mission workshop but also UX workshops such as User Journey workshop, Ideations workshops or Design Sprint. I must say Miro is my favorite tool :heart_eyes: !

Hey there!
My name is Filippo, Core Solution Engineer @ VMware inc. I’m writing you from Italy, enjoying my 100% remote working experience.

For successfully achieving such working flexibility and agility, Miro makes a lot of difference in reaching teams and presenting ideas/projects. I’m so happy my company subscribed a large agreement with Miro. :grinning:

I’m brand new to this tool and I’m learning a lot, but I’m sure this is right  the place where I can get hints and instructions on how to make my boards super cool.

Thank you very much everybody and see you around :wave_tone1:


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Hi everyone!:blush:

My name is Marie-Elisabeth I’m a freelancing graphic designer from Germany.

I use miro since around three years now, my teacher in highschool introduced it to our class. Last year I finished school and began to use miro not only for school, but also self organization via calenders.

But more importantly I use miro to organize workshops oriented around design thinking.

With my former teacher, I designed a Hackathon based on design thinking for students for classes in the 6th to the 13th year. My former school then did a one week long hackathon around the theme: “Our future school” with around 1400 students. The school had some money to invest, so the students even planned some green rooftops, solar panels and a new student café, mostly while using the miro template we created.

I am currently also trying to use miro for my free online Japanese course where I teach my mother japanese, to learn together on stream and later YouTube.

Additionaly, I use miro to make drafts of websites or organisate different projects and work groups, often in cooperation with my former teacher. I work for his company Educational Greenhouse.

Miro really plays an important role in my daily live and work, I love this tool! :heart_eyes:




Hi everyone,

My name is Philippe, I’m based in Toulouse, France.

I’m talent manager of Scrum Master’s & RTE’s at Air France-KLM (AFKL), and I’m very glad that AFKL has selected Miro as THE collaborative tool for workshop facilitation, and much more…

Formerly, I used to being an agile coach and managing & developing the agile coaching center at AFKL, supporting product teams in adopting collaborative practices and embracing agile mindset further.

I’m using Miro to facilitate workshops, and I’m a high consumer of mind maps day-in day-out for any kind of topics…

Scrum Masters and RTE’s at AFKL are also ambitioning to sync JIRA data with Miro to faciliate PI Events and dependency boards… That’s probably where we still have the most to discover with the help of you all from this community.

Very glad to join the community, and thanks in advance for your further help and support!


Hi everyone,

This is Adrian from SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways. I’m the product manager of the IT Operating Model based on SAFe using Miro among other for roadmaps, flows, process design and documentation and workshps. 

Great to meet you


Hi there. I’m Jon from Los Angeles. I lead Salesforce projects and use Miro to collaborate and accelerate clarity for data models, decision trees, and other swim-lane diagrams.

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I’m John, and I’ve worked alone (with a one year interruption) for 29 years. Holy cow.

I’m a writer, designer, photographer, videographer, and video editor. If you’re a fan of GI Joe, you might know me as the guy who created the GI JOE MASTERPIECE EDITION book-and-figure set as well as the book GI JOE: THE COMPLETE STORY OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE MAN OF ACTION.

I produced and co-wrote the book KONG: KING OF SKULL ISLAND, and one of my current projects is called EIGHTH WONDER: CARL DENHAM AND THE BEAST-GOD OF SKULL ISLAND. I’m in the giant gorilla biz, I guess.

I almost ALWAYS collaborate with people “virtually,” and MIRO was a terrific tool that I used with a fellow designer to develop layouts. Most of my current projects have visuals. research, and plans that need to be shared, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it can be used across the board.

Hey y’all! I’m Don from Houston, Texas (more accurately Katy, TX). I’ve been around the block so to speak. I’ve spent about the past 10 years in the UX realm. While my preference is doing things in person, the pandemic has changed so much. And, I’ve worked on a global team for a couple or so years now so tools like Miro are essential for collaborating. I’m involved with a lot of service blueprinting, journey mapping, and more. I’ve dabbled with Miro at my current job for the past 6 months and figure it’s time to take a step forward and really advance myself with the app. Hope for some future collaboration or at the very least, fellowship! Peace.

Hello Everyone


I'm Anderson Dal Bo, Miro champion in We are a Miro partner in Brazil and I would like to have more people from Brazil participating in this community.


We have several teams using Miro for strategic planning and control here in Brazil. I think we could exchange a lot of information about that in this forum and leverage knowledge of all.





Hey all,

I'm a psychiatric-mental health nurse interested in applying systems thinking to developing safe communities. Anyone with a similar interest?

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Hello Everyone! I’m Veronica and I’m a Learning & Development Instructional Designer at Texas State Technical College.

I’m searching for ideas on how to develop a mini-half-day conference for my faculty on how to use Miro in their online courses to promote student engagement.  Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thank you all!

Hi members, 

My name is Rizwan from Pakistan,  and I'm in charge of designing wireframes and maintaining the boards in a perfect way to easily understand.

I’m looking forward to meeting all of you here!

Hi Miro-Heros!

I´m Melanie from germany and love to use miro since I started my business in 2020! I´m a facilitator / agile coach. And for that I love miro <3 And I also use miro for my team to collaborate. We found a SaaS-Business  and are working from home with the whole team since 2 years. 

Funfact: We named our dog “Miro” 


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@Melanie Flore Welcome to Miro Community! Your dog is absolutely adorable! :heart_eyes: