Consultant needed: to advise on process and task management using Miro

  • 24 February 2022
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Project, process and task management with Miro

I have started using Miro to map out processes for our company, globally. We have processes for internal business work, and for client work.

I’m also using Teams with Miro to have boards, processes and tasks for different clients.

Processes often require tasks to be completed by different employees and consultants.

I need a way to:

    • Create re-usable processes in Miro
    • Assign tasks based on process steps, to employees and external consultants for completion
    • Track the status of each task, request updates on status of each task
    • See all tasks allocated to each employee or consultant and status of each
    • Mark completed tasks as ‘completed’
    • Also, create ad-hoc tasks that sit outside regular processes or projects, and assign / track them as outlined above. 

I want to be able to track all of this visually. I know conceptually that there are tools like Kanban boards, and there are various task managers. Ideally I’d like to do it all within Miro, but I’m open to considering using a third-party task management tool if necessary.

What I want

A Miro power-user to show me how to do this (via screen share)

Explain any other useful tools and functions within Miro to supercharge our workflow and stay on top of all activity across all projects.

Happy to pay a guru for the right advice: an experienced project manager and Miro guru. 

3 replies

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@Regan Engelhardt - I would recommend @Jonathan White for this. You can PM him on this forum, or reach out via his LinkedIn or website.

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Hi @Regan Engelhardt, and thanks for the introduction @Robert Johnson!


I have helped a number of clients out with similar requests, from development of templates, models and tools to education and training in beginner, intermediate and advanced methods. 


I am sure my team can help out, as we not only have amazing designers but also Project Management experts that can help with task organization and tracking. 


Feel free to email me at, or connect with me on LinkedIn and we can have a discussion about your requirements and figure out how we can help!


Thanks and have a great day!



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Thanks all! @Jonathan White I’ll reach out to you shortly. 👍