Support Chrome’s shortcuts on Miro boards

I’m used to switching tabs w/ `cmd + N` where 0-9 go to tabs.  It seems like Miro is taking these over and doing.. well seems like nothing… can I disable these?

I thought I was going insane. This tripped me up too! Please fix this Miro—or at least allow me to disable. Most annoyingly, when in Full Screen mode (Chrome on mac) every, native, Chrome tab management shortcut fails to work. Some do still work when not in Full Screen, but not all of them. :rage:

Hi @Matthew Polichette,

I’m sorry. May you clarify your question?

What is it that Miro is doing that you’d like to disable?

Michael Sohn

Miro is preventing multiple built-in keyboard shortcuts from working.


Specifically these ones:


Sorry I noticed these are for window/linux when i’m actually running on a Mac… just replace ctrl w/ cmd in this case though

Hi @Matthew Polichette,

So, if I’m understanding correctly, you’re not able to change tabs using those keyboard shortcuts?

I just opened a Miro board and nine other new tabs in Chrome, and I’m able to use those keyboard shortcuts just fine.

I’m not sure if this issue is because of Miro, as it might have something to do with your keyboard or Chrome? But I don’t know.

Were these shortcuts working before opening Miro, and now they aren’t?

Michael Sohn


The keyboard shortcuts work on every other tab, as soon as i land on Miro its like a black hole:

Hi @Matthew Polichette,

Thanks for sharing that video. It’s interesting, because I just opened Miro in Chrome with additional tabs again, and now those keyboard shortcuts aren’t working.

But it was perfectly fine the first time.

Maybe it’s a bug? I’d suggest you submit a ticket to Miro Support and see what they say.

I’ll play around to try and figure out what it could be. Let me know if you figure out the solution.

Michael Sohn


Hi there,

Indeed, currently, Miro overrides Chrome shortcuts. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The good news is that this improvement is already in our backlog.

With that, we have converted this post into a Wish List idea, and will post an update here in the thread once we release this functionality.


Hi there,

Indeed, currently, Miro overrides Chrome shortcuts. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
The good news is we already have some ideas to improve this behavior in our backlog. 

Hopefully this will get shipped sooner than later. Almost everybody from our team @ complains from the same inconvenience 😊


Thanks for investing time & energy into such small (and productivity essential) details.

I can second Boris. I really love Miro, but this is an extremely annoying issue with Miro. Please fix this ASAP. And the other one is Option-Cmd-L, which should jump to the URL bar, but in the case of Miro it does nothing.

+1, Miro is such a thoughtfully built product with an outstandingly amazing UX, hence it’s so Miro-unlike to not respect the Chrome shortcuts ;)

Hi there,

Indeed, currently, Miro overrides Chrome shortcuts. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
The good news is we already have some ideas to improve this behavior in our backlog. 

please, up the priority of this improvement, the conflict between hotkeys makes Miro web app very very inconvenient

Same issue here with for example “F11” to show Chrome in full screen mode.

Doesn’t work on Miro.


(Also tested “F12” and dev tools don’t open either, so it seems that all shortcuts are disabled by Miro)

While it may not be helpful in every scenario, if you click in Chrome’s address bar, your Chrome shortcuts will work again.

Example - to go fullscreen, it may be quicker to give the address bar a quick click and press F11 than it is to unhide the Miro board mini-map and click on the fullscreen icon.

This makes Miro totally unusable for me.  It’s not just Chrome, ⌘1,2,3, is how Firefox & Safari work on Mac OS X too.  Atlassian Confluence used to have the same issue.

Any news here? This is making it hard to incorporate miro in my daily flow.

Miro, do you have any news here?
This feature is annoying. Atlassian Confluence has solved this after following the response of customers 🙂


Marina, a year ago you said you had this in your backlog (I assume product, not sprint, since nothing has happened)? Can you please get it into a sprint backlog and get it done!?! Showstopper for practical use of Miro here.

@Sondre Bjørnebekk - Which shortcut(s) specifically is Miro blocking that is a showstopper for you?

@Robert Johnson CMD + number for browser tabs.

I am getting Command + ` (Cmd + backtick, a system shortcut to cycle between windows of an application) hijacked by Miro on MacOS. After leaving the Miro tab, the shortcut does not work in Chrome for a while. I have yet to find what gets it to work again.

This hijacking behavior seems to be fixed in a recent Miro update! This just made my year!

Updated shortcuts


That said it still looks like some commands are still blocked, like `cmd + r` to refresh on chrome :(

Thanks, Miro! Was also waiting for this to happen for so long :))

Miro is still hijacking certain Chrome shortcuts. The most annoying one is the shortcut to make the browser hide the address bar (CMD + Shift + F on Mac/Chrome) and go full screen. Since this is something I regularly want to do when presenting my screen, it would be great if Miro would allow this to go through.

Update: On a PC, F11 now makes a Miro board go full screen (previously you could only do this from the board mini map).