Persisting the results of a Voting session

When a voting session is concluded, I want a few options to transfer the results to the board:

Option 1: Tag Items with votes

Add a visual representation of the results that stays with the items. Right now, if I’m voting on sticky notes or cards, I manually add a tag to the cards with just the number of votes received so that they persist with the item as long as needed.


Option 2: Sort items on board by votes.

After tagging items, in some situations I want to visually sort the items based on number of votes, so I go in and manually re-arrange them. A button that says something like “Sort items based on session results” would be fantastic. Using that command would sort the items into a single column based on vote numbers. Items with the same number of votes would sort into a row.

Especially Option 1 would be very helpful for me. The current visual interpretation of “voting” (show an option list sorted by votes) is too limiting for me - I do not always have a concept of a “winner” in mind, but also, e.g.

  • scaling exercises: stickies 1-10, and the “voting” question is: where do you stand?
  • investment: if you had $10 and could spend them on features A - Z, where would you invest?

Under such circumstances, it is invaluable to see the voting tally in the original place, not just on a “ranking list”.