Offline mode

Hello Miro Team, I am pretty sure you guys on fire now with huge demand for your product, but Miro need an offline mode for iPad, it is just not possible to use it if connection interrupted, people are using this not only for constant collaboration, there a lot of people who do some preparation for projects, and these situations not really need the connection. But when you can’t use the app it is the most frustration time, when you start thinking why such smart people couldn’t figure out this.

Do not listen PMs if the telling you this is not what customers need! We need this! We need to be able to work with app in any conditions.

this do not has to load everything, just have some sort of buffering of last sessions, we need this mode to add something new, not to view old.


Hope to see it soon.


@Robert Johnson Neither Mural nor Collaboard has it. Not Lucidspark either. Lucidchart has it though.

Closing in on 1000 upvotes for offline mode. 


I do so much of my work offline as I live well away from any quality internet connection - however as it stands I have to tether to my phone - not ideal… this system really DOES NEED to be made OFFLINEable… Also this would mean we could keep a saved copy as backup of sensitive data.

I love Miro and whilst not perfect, it is an amazing interface but you DO NEED TO put this on your radar as an extension - btw I use it for planning and design much more than collaboration… 

Lets make this happen Miro! 



Need Need Need any kind of Offline Mode!!! 🔥

On the plane is the only time I have quiet, un-interrupted time to myself to focus, let my creative brain flow freely, and catch up on things like diagram creation. Please prioritize this ASAP! 🙏

Sorry for the rant 😂

Thanks! 🤗

This is needed desperately if you are ever to be able to continue working on Miro when you are travelling.


I have minimal time today and will be using Miro to present a meeting in 4 hours.  I have 1hr 40 on the train and that would nail it.  However, the signal on the train is rubbish and I will be left frustrated and not be able to finish the board

I just want to give this feature request another push. As many others before me have stated, offline functionality is crucial and I was really surprised to find that miro is not already supporting it.

My workdays are filled with a lot of interruptions. The most uninterrupted time I have is when traveling, which would be perfect to do work on miro. - But as soon as the hotspot connection dies (which happens often on trains), you are not able to continue working.

Please deliver this feature SOON!

I use Miro collaboratively but I also like to prepare presentations or set up boards for future collaboration. And often I do this while on a plane. Offline editing could be pretty simple if Miro would let one user lock the board to other users while editing. Upon returning to online mode, all changes made offline get transferred to the board and editing is turned back on for everyone. That eliminates the tricky problem of multiple offline changes.

^^Bump on this idea. I just downloaded this for ipad so that I could make a flowchart while on a work trip. I am now considering using anything else that might work in Airplane mode.

Yo yo, need this feature. I travel constantly for work and it’s the best time to spend updating projects/ reallocating tasks/adding new tasks/creating whole new projects. I’m about to get on a 26hr flight and I can’t spend a moment of it on projects. I get it’s first world problems but still 😢 

🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Do it, please 

Firstly for iPad 

As mentioned before, workshop preparation or evaluation/documentation afterwards is often done by one individual person. It’s great to collaborate during Meetings or even to work on something asynchronously, but for us it’s only half of the use cases. 

For individual preparation it would be great to be able to lock & download a board, work on it offline, and upload it again when I’m back to a reliable internet connection. Only when I’m unlocking it other users will be able to make changes on the board again.

A bonus would be if another online user could “break” the locking (with warnings that this will disturb the work of the person who is working on it offline), just in case the locked board is never unlocked/brought back to online mode. If against the odds the board is unlocked later (by the offline user), it should create a copy instead of syncing/overwriting anything and let the user copy paste the changes manually.

(Windows desktop app first, please 😃 )

It has ben 2 years already and this wasn’t built yet? Maybe that means it never will? LOL

@Robert Johnson, or any one who is looking for online/offline WB, just like once I was looking for a replacement for miro: Obsidian + excalidraw (plugin) = offline + online (import drawing to collaboration room) 🎉

Would be great to have an offline mode to work during travels where no internet is available. 

I just downloaded the windows version and discovered no offline mode. UNINSTALLED IT. Bye Miro.

I am using Miro now for one year and paying every month around 20 bucks. Unfortuntately, I am about to cancel my membership of my actually beloved app. It‘s due to several situations where I didn‘t have internet and wanted to use this app. And I couldn‘t. Please listen to the users and make a offline mode available. Then I will return….. But no offline mode is a killer argument. 


We are livingin a world where some of us and many digital creators are traveling and offline use for any app should be standard. Especially when users paing 20 bucks a month. 

no offline mode is a killer argument. 

I don’t want to use Visio. It has been stagnant for years. But it works offline, so I am forced to return to it. Offline is a great niche opportunity. Some smart product manager is going to figure this out. 

I’m a manager from Ukraine and we don’t have an internet connection for a days(
Miro team, i love your product and i want to use it! Please create offline mode!


It would be great if somebody from Miro could at least respond here. It is a wish which is upvoted around 1500 times and already 2 years old. It would be great to know if you a considering to work on it or even already working on it or if it’s not possible. It’s really important for some of your customers. So please let us know. 

Flying between Melbourne / Brisbane / Sydney for work every few weeks, it would be fantastic to be able to work on miro boards while in the air!

Macbook & iPad would be great, some of my team also have MS Surface’s so ideally the electron app would get this feature please and thank you :) 

Completly agree, offline mode would increase productivity in a powerfull manner.



Well time has come Miro. Apple just released their whiteboard app and guess what. It’s offline mode. Personally I am giving Miro just the January, after that I will fully transfer my workflow to Freeform if there is no sign or comment from your side. 

Use Cases to demonstrate why ‘offline mode’ is valuable and necessary


Although Miro is a collaborative space… is only ‘collaborative’ when used ‘in production’ - this means:

  • When a meeting / training session / whatever is being facilitated.


  • As a facilitator… (read on)
  • As a solo user… (read on)

As a facilitator, we need prep-time, and that is solo

As a facilitator, we often need to develop a board ready for ‘production’ (i.e. the actual facilitated meeting / training session)

Facilitators can take upto 2.5x the time of the meeting to prepare for the meeting (e.g. a 1 day’s training can take upto 2.5 days to preparation time)

Facilitators will be developing (or resetting) the Miro board ‘in dev’ before the live event.

Board Development is most probably a solo practice.

As a solo user, we don’t need to be online because we’re not collaborating

As a solo user, Miro is great for learning or simply note capturing, with its rich canvass where I can add websites, videos, and so on, link them all together, add sticky notes - a great deal of my miro Boards are intended for solo use (although I do sometimes ‘template’ them to insert them into training/other material)

As a solo user, I’m not collaborating with anyone else


To summarize why ‘offline’ is valuable and necessary:


I often work in areas of low/paid-for/non-existent internet connectivity (e.g. aircraft flights or rural areas).  Denying me the ability to work offline prevents me from utilizing Miro in these situations.  This prevents me from investing my available time.  It also prevents me from taking notes in these situations.

For example, now as I write this:  due to being in a rural area and needing to use a necessary paid-for internet connection, every minute counts online:  I can be developing my Board whilst offline and only need to go online to sync it with Miro servers.  This is how I work with other technical applications, so why not with Miro too (I’m only online at this time to download something and cache some webpages for offline reading, then I’ll be pausing the internet connection again to reserve my paid-time)

I’ve added my upvote to this idea/request.