Importing an Excel file as live data

Hi there.


this is in connection to a discussion topic. which I quote here:


“Is there a way to upload or paste an Excel document into a miro board so that it displays live data? In other words, i can see the tables and graphs in miro without having to click a link, yet if I make changes to the Excel file off-line, these changes will show up automatically in miro when I open the board again.”


I think Miro is great cos it gives you a perspective on all the important documents about a project without having to open and close them one at a time. I think this would work even better if Excell integration was imprved so that, when working on excell locally, the data (including charts) would update on my team Miro board (and even vice versa maybe). 


Thanks for the great product and looking forward to hearing from you!



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