Azure Cards not limited to Enterprise Plan

I was curious if there was a requirement to integrate Azure Card with Miro?  I mainly ask as I see that you can integrate Jira (and other integrations) on the “Team” plan.   At first, I thought maybe it required SSO?  Though, you can do just about anything with tokens.  Azure AD maybe?  The main reason I ask, we’re a startup, and we have a small team.  We had been researching options for improving a team operating remotely.  Overall, Miro is a great tool, but we use Azure Devops which, given we are a small team I’m not sure if we have the budget to use the enterprise plan (if it matters, the main reason we are using Azure Devops for our card is that we needed a CI pipeline, and for the most part, we got the board as part of it when setting up the azure CI). 

Anyways, Miro looked perfect (even more so after i saw the integration with azure devop cards) which has me rather bummed so I figured I’d ask.

Hi @Matt Garrett,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You are right, Azure Cards integration is only available on the Enterprise Plan. I will definitely share your feedback with the team :slight_smile:

Thank you taking that into consideration :)

@Marina I would second this request.  The integration with Azure DevOps is similar in functionality to the integration with Jira.  I would like to see both as options in the same Team Plan.  Thanks!

How many other integrations are restricted to Enterprise Plan apart from the ADO integration?

+1 for the request to make it available in the Teams plan.


Is there a way to try out this app integration without making the switch to enterprise plan? In a trial period.


Adding another voice to this. I’m currently working with a client using Azure DevOps. They don’t even have 50 people who would use Miro (the minimum seat count for Enterprise) let alone the budget to afford it.

I am very used to doing planning in Miro using Jira cards and assumed I could do the same with Azure cards only to discover this odd licensing restriction.

It will be cheaper to pay someone to copy and paste changes to and from ADO than it is to sign up for an Enterprise license at $20 or so x 50 seat minimum = $1000/month. It’s so frustrating when you know the integration is there waiting to be used and does exactly what you need. 😠