Miro plugin for Figma – now owned by Miro!

  • 5 August 2021
  • 4 replies

Did you know that Miro plugin for Figma was originally developed by Redmadrobot and is previously known as Figmiro:astonished: 


I know right :smile:  

Now you can use it with additional confidence, since the plugin is now owned and supported by the Miro team!


Have you already installed it and tested with your team? Share your experience and boards in the thread below :raised_hands_tone2:

4 replies

When I sync my selected frame in Figma to my board on Miro the plugin modal says it’s exporting and then it opens the board in Miro as expected but I cannot find where or if it even has put the frame into the board. The Figma frame just simply doesn’t exist in the Miro board.

Where is the default position that Figma frames are displayed in Miro boards with this plugin?

This plugin is great! However, is there a way to prevent Miro from repositioning frames every time you sync from Figma?

My team pastes many frames from multiple Figma files all on the same Miro board so our audience has a 1-stop-shop for multiple projects’ designs. The fact that the frames change position or re-position themselves with each sync prevents us from being able to make use of this plugin 😢

@Tony Adams Just started using it, and had the same problem. Almost gave up on Miro as our tool for white boarding.


Turns out the checkbox that says “Use original Figma coordinates” is the wrong way round presumably a bug, and it needs to be checked to preserve the coordinates in Miro…


(the hover description for the checkbox is also the wrong way round)

I’d love to provide feedback on it, we’re experiencing some issues right now https://community.miro.com/ask-the-community-45/can-t-install-and-authorize-figma-plugin-for-my-team-8366 but as soon as it solved we will share our experience.

One of the main challenges will be to work with different Figma versions in one board.