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As many of us are organizing and participating in more remote meetings and workshops than ever before, Miro team put together a quick how-to article explaining how you can use our product and listing links to useful blog posts, videos, and frameworks. 

Please, let us know what you think! Maybe you have additional questions you want us to cover or have ideas how we can improve the content of the article and its format. 

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Good to hear that miro and zoom will make it together.
Really looking forward to it.



I’m about to facilitate a remote workshop. Usually when I have face-to-face meeting, some of the activities are in sub-groups of the participants. Is there an option to break into smaller groups and talk and then come back to the full session? 

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Hi Hadar,

in an other context i had the following idea (in case of a group of 25 users dived into 5 groups):

Maybe this gives you an idea or could help you.



@mlanders Thanks! that’s a great idea. I’ll try it

@mlanders, this is exactly what I want to do. Just a question… it is possible to link the Miro frames to zoom breakout groups? 

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Hi Efrain,

you can link into different frames like it is shown here, but I have no idea how you link into a zoom breakoutroom (So maybe someone other can help):




Hi everybody!

Do you know if, in the video chat option, the cameras are objects as the other ones? I mean objects placed in the white paper like any other rectangle that you can drag. I ask that because if this was possible, it would be possible to make a thing that is impossible in zoom, that is: self-organizing chats, a kind of extension of the example Michael showed. It would be necessary to limit the hearing just to the cameras that are on your screen when you zoom to camera clusters. Please tell-me this is how it work, I would pay a million to have the version with video haha.


Thank you in advance,


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Hi @Marcus Bernardo ,

how it looks like shows my video (in German - sorry) at 1:00 minute - if you look into it till 4:53 you can see that you can move your video section complete around on the board and you can see how it looks like with more than one person.



Are there any limitations for the number of people who can edit a board at the same time if I’m using free account for a workshop?

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@alina radachynskaja - there’s a good discussion thread here on the number of active, concurrent participants: https://community.miro.com/got-a-question-ask-the-community-45/how-many-users-can-be-on-a-board-at-once-130

There are no limits in the free plan for number of active users on a board - the limits are around certain features (e.g. backup/restore, high quality export) and the number of active boards which you can have.


Thanks a lot!