Share Distributed '23 Feedback for a Chance to Win 🏆

  • 18 October 2023
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Share Distributed '23 Feedback for a Chance to Win 🏆

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31 replies

Loved the presentation on fostering empathy with Miro retrospectives! Seeing the solution to have teams avoid group thinking with introducing a private mode, and all the research and work that went behind it was very inspirational.

Next level Miro shortcuts and workflows was a great session - I would definitely recommend to watch the playback for some tips and tricks on Miro!

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My team’s love the scribble lines. it is helping us see things in different perspective and helping different personalities on the team to express and not holdback on their thoughts even if all are talking about the same thing. 

Great content! I can’t wait to try out Private Mode with my project teams! 😁

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Its great!!

So Happy to hear you’re enjoying, Tobias!! 

Its great!!