Why is there a massive "Developer team" watermark on my board?

  • 21 October 2021
  • 17 replies

Several of my boards have a MASSIVE watermark with the team name in the background. Makes it unusable its so stupidly huge. How do i make it go away and why is it there in the first place?

17 replies

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@Adam Mashburn -

This is not a Miro feature as far as I know. Can you post a screenshot of what you are referring to? What happens if you try to select the watermark?


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@Adam Mashburn - If it says “Developer team”, then someone in your organization may have set up a developer team.


@Robert Johnson that is exactly it. I still dont understand why it needs to so that. can i turn it off?

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@Robert Johnson that is exactly it. I still dont understand why it needs to so that. can i turn it off?

@Adam Mashburn - As far as I know, you cannot turn this off. The watermark is there to indicate that the board was created in a team that is solely for development purposes. The development teams lack a number of functionalities, e.g., there are no export options. However, for a more official answer, I will tag @Joanna Smith to see if she can confirm this.

I will also move this post to Developer Platform and APIs category for increase developer visibility.

Thank you for your response. @Robert Johnson 

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Hey @Adam Mashburn, you’ve landed yourself in the developer environment.
From your Miro dashboard, you should see a panel on the left with all of the teams you are a member of.

One of those teams is a sort of temporary team that is created when you activate a Developer account for our Platform. In my screenshot, that team is “DT” because it doesn’t have a logo, and I left it with the default name of “Developer Team.”

The reason for this developer environment is to create a safe playground for developers while they work on app and integration ideas, without running the risk of accidentally overwriting their actual Miro boards. This dev environment is a team that is limited to 3 boards, all of which will have a watermark across them.
To get back to your traditional Miro environment, just click on the appropriate team icon in that left panel in your Dashboard.


@Robert Johnson as an FYI, for more context to your answer.

We need to remove “Developer Team” from the back of the white board.  It’s not helpful. I would rather operate as an individual on the site and not have the eyesore.  Do I quit from my “Consultant” and go to “Individual” to get that off the screen?

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Your plan type doesn’t determine the watermark, as they only exist for boards belonging to a Developer Team, which is a special status. These special teams are intended solely for development and testing with our Miro Developer Platform, so there is not a way to remove the watermark. 

You’ll need to create a new board in a non-developer team. To change teams, simply click between the icons in the left menu bar. Once you’ve made a new board, you should be able to simply copy and paste all of the content from the watermarked board in your developer team.

Is it possible to disable the option for development team after the team has been created?

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Hey Luuk, 


This unfortunately isn’t possible - is there a reason you would like to do this?

@Addison Schultz We created a team after taking a subscription and moved all boards from different existing teams to that one, but the option “development team” was selected accidentally. If this is not possible we have to create a new team, invite all the same people and move all the boards over... 

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I can check with the team if this is something we can do, but to give them more context, could you please specify how many boards you now have in your Dev team?

We fixed it, but it would still be nice to just switch over team type.

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Thanks for the feedback - we don’t have an official way to do this right now, but your feedback is definitely helpful for any future additions in this area moving forward

How did you fix it @Luuk?

We have had a new Miro team set up for us by our company (Enterprise license), & every board we make has the huge grey “Developer Team” watermark across the middle which makes Miro pretty unusable...

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@Rupachup if you’re seeing the developer watermark, this means your board is living in your developer team, which is supposed to only be used for testing and building apps.


Once you’ve built your app, you can share it by using the share link in your apps settings page, or by submitting it to the marketplace!

@Rupachup I eventually created a new team and moved everything over