REST API - Importing Multipage PDFs and Extracting each page

  • 16 April 2021
  • 3 replies

Does the REST API support adding multi-page PDFs to a board and if so, is the extract to separate pages an option?

3 replies

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@Dan Gangai

Pretty sure the answer is no-unfortunately.


 The SDK can allow creating an image widget from an image URL. I believe that widget type doesn’t support PDF (just jpg, png) and that multi page PDF is a different type of widget. 

the API on the other hand describes here:

that the image and document as “read only”. 


@Max Harper Thanks for the quick response on this. I know how to write a REST program with Python, but not sure how I would leverage the SDK. Do you have any recommendations for a quick start guide on using the SDK. I’ve looked at the Miro SDK documentation/Github examples, but I need something for newbies.



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@Dan Gangai 

On a positive note : I don’t know exactly how to simplify for where you’re at without talking to you more and learning - so.. I’d be happy to connect with you on a video call at some point. 

However… that said, I’m not sure the sdk will be able to help you with the precise desire you mention in the thread —  if you’re going to work with PDFs… and I’m  pretty sure there’s no support for automatically unfurling the multi page pdf to each page. 

but again- happy to connect and be a resource for helping you get to know the API/SDK platform and it’s capabilities better.