REST API how to handle boards with more then 1000 widgets?

  • 21 November 2020
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We have a board which is bigger then 1000 widgets. The List Widget ( has a limit of 1000.


We tried the option to use the filteroption and get only the FRAMES and then load all the children by the But.. (as expected) we get the   "message" : "Request rate limit exceed",  


We can put more time for calling the 1000+ times on the webservice, but that does not seem ideally. But maybe there is an other way?


As an idea… Is it possible to add a REST service, which can get multiple Widgets by multiple ids?  So as a parameter a list of Ids to get from the boar?


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21 replies

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In addition to solutions above. Or can there be a pagination function in the get widgets from board?

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Hello @Richard121212! thank you for your feedback.
That is indeed a problem, the current endpoint for widgets is limited by 1000 widgets only.
The pagination for this endpoint should be fixed in the upcoming Platform release.

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Ps. as addition, a service which only gets the data/children of 1 frame would also be very welcome.

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hi @Nikita Yakovenko Any news regarding this release? Thanks in advance!



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hi @Nikita Yakovenko Any news regarding this release? Thanks in advance!



I’m also keen to see this limit raised or removed.


hi @Nikita Yakovenko Any news regarding this release? Thanks in advance!



I’m also waiting patiently for news on this. Could you please let us know when this might be available?

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Hi Any news regarding this issue?

We really see nice possibilities to boost Miro use, en combine it with more interactivity (VR, videostreams etc).

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We are waiting for this fix. Can you please give an update about the planning of the release.

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick note to let you know that we have not forgotten about this issue. Pagination for widgets will be available in the next release of the platform, which will remove the 1000 widget limitation.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you an exact date for the next platform release. I can only tell you that we are actively working on it.


Thank you for your patience.


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Look forward to this being available.  

Also +lots to @Richard121212’s suggestion of being able to get the children of a frame

Hiya, any news on when the next platform release will be?   Are we talking weeks or months or...?

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The team is working on improving this behavior and many other updates regarding the REST API. I cannot share any date yet but you will hear about it soon. Regarding the 1000 widgets limitation, it will most probably be a few months. I will let you know as soon as we have more visibility on a release date or a beta version available.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hey, it’s pretty frustrating not having any visibility of when the next version of the api is being released.  

Makes planning and customer conversations impossible.   It’s been 9 months since Miro said

“should be fixed in the upcoming platform release”


Just checking in to say that we also would like to have this option (download 1000+ widgets). Make it available for paid subscriptions only. That would only be fair.

And +1 to know dev plans. Always frustrating to see issues hanging for almost a year with no clear deadlines.

We liked how Miro suited our needs and were ready to buy subscription. But then I stumble on this issue. Now for us this is a question whether this issue is fixed and we further integrate with Miro (and buy the subscription) or look for a more convenient tool.

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Any updates on when (at least tentatively) this will be released?

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Last week, we have released a new version of the Miro Developer Platform in beta.

We have introduced pagination in the new version of this endpoint, allowing you to retrieve more than 1000 items. You can test it here.


Let us know if it solves your issue.


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This new listing capabilities in the beta platform look great. However, it looks like one can't list emojis:

Trying to “Get Items on Board” that include emojies. Error message:

“No enum constant”

Can this be fixed? (I just need to list all of them and don't really care about the type)

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Thanks @Carola Wenk for reporting the issue. We will investigate and let you know when it is fixed.


Any news on this issue?

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Any updates on the emoji issue?

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Hi @Carola Wenk

The REST API does not support emojis yet. This is why it's not possible to retrieve them programmatically.
Our apologies for the inconvenience this creates to you.

You can request REST API emoji support by submitting your idea here:



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