• 9 November 2022
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I need some help with plans. Is it possible to create teams if I have a Starter plan? Or teams are available only fo business plans?

Thank you in advance!

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5 replies

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@Ksana Serkova - Unlimited teams are only on the old Consultant/new Business Plan.

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@Ksana Serkova - With the Starter Plan, you would have to reply on Projects for structuring boards by team members. Here's a post with some more info on this:


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Hi @Ksana Serkova ,

Yes; if you're on a Starter plan, you can create teams.

For an overview of the different plans and the features they offer:





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@Marco Spinello - I believe that @Ksana Serkova is asking:

With the Starter Plan subscription, can I create more than one team space for the same subscription?

If so, let’s look at an example scenario:

  1. There is a Team Plan Subscription with team space called Team A
  2. This subscrtipion as ten paid seats, all being used.
  3. Five of the people on Team A will be working on a top secret project and want to create their own team space in Miro.

In the above scenario, because with the Starter Plan does not offer unlimted teams within one subscription, they would either have to purchase another Starter Plan with five paid seats, or upgrade to a plan that supports unlimted teams.

I should have noted in my first reply that the Enterprise Plan also supports unlimted teams – I will update my original reply.

@Marco Spinello - From the links you originally shared:

How to create a team in Miro → Creating additional teams in Miro


Plans and features available


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Hi @Robert Johnson, thank you so much for your replay and your clarification: I think you nailed it! 😃 🙏