parentFrameId not working

  • 27 April 2022
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We’ve been using the parentFrameId parameter in our code for two years but today it has stopped working.
Previously, we were able to create widgets inside frames so their position when created was predictable. Now the new widgets appear in an unknown position and have to be searched all over the board to be used.

Is this due to some problem in the API or is an update and will work like this from now on?

5 replies

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@JordiFZR Can you share some more information, such as:

Does using the `parentFrameId` parameter throw an error? If so, can you share that error message?

If it doesn’t throw an error, can you provide an example of the API request you are making? I’m guessing if there isn’t an error, then that means the call is successful, but the behavior has become unpredictable. Am I understanding that correctly?


Finally, are you using v1 or v2 of the Miro Platform? Are you using the Web SDK or the REST API?




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Hi @JordiFZR,


Thanks for raising this, the engineering team confirmed it is an issue on our side and is working to fix this.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi @Anthony Roux, any news?

Please, can you provide any update?

Thank you


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Hey Jordi -- I just wanted to go ahead and close out this conversation. I just sent a reply to the support thread, and that should hopefully provide some additional context on the various issues you have been encountering. Please feel free to reach out again if there’s anything else you need!