Not receiving webhook events for comments

  • 27 March 2023
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I noticed Miro not sending webhook events for comment but send notifications for other property change like stick_notes, text, shapes etc, is this a known issue and are there progress to fix it or how can we get comments events from the webhook ?

5 replies

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Hi @Michael Sanni , we currently don’t support comments in the webhooks or the REST API. We keep track of feature requests in our public roadmap, it would be great if you can add your idea there so we can take it into account for the future.

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Thank you @Josip Janzic for your response. I saw this in one of the comments but noticed it was in version 1. Is there a way I can access this in v2 or it has been totally removed?


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Hi, it is a feature that’s currently only available in SDK v1, version 2 does not support comments at the moment.

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Is this feature available now?

Because everywhere in docs I see:

You can create multiple subscriptions. We currently support all board items barring tags, connectors, and comments. 

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Hi @Mohammed Sameer,

At the moment, comments are not supported by our Webhooks. However, it’s a great suggestion, and can certainly appreciate the value in supporting this. I’ve shared this feedback with our product team, and hopefully it’s something we can support in the future.

Thanks again for raising it,