Missing endpoints for API

  • 17 April 2020
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Some important API endpoints seem to be missing from the Miro API, especially related to the Teams object. I would like to see the ability to list all Teams for a company or create a new Team through an API call. Also there appears to be no endpoints for Projects, which is disappointing. Ideally I’d like the ability to list all teams for a Project and add/delete users from a Project. Are either of these on the roadmap for Miro? 

3 replies

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Simon, thanks for your feedback!

Yes, we understand importance of those endpoints, but they are currently not in focus. 

I will update here as I get an ETA for them :pray:

Thanks for the update. It’s quite an important feature for us as it’ll enable us to automate some of the management between Teams and Miro. I look forward to hearing back when it’s on the roadmap.

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I’m 12 hours into my first Miro API project, and already I’m needing the APIs for Projects and Frames.